Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still learning, pics from 7/9/08

I thought I had learned how to change the color of my font, but I can't tell if this was the color I had picked. I went looking for some photos to put up so I could write something to see if the changes I made were working.  I picked these because I thought it interesting to see the size of one of my strawflowers when it started blooming.  I don't remember what other flowers grow so much after they have blooms.

Here's my new bed that had been started the first week of June:

I think the delphinium was Butterfly Blue.  It bloomed for quite awhile, then died.  My others did that, too.  I keep forgetting to check whether that's common.  My annual larkspurs do.  The phlox is Orange Perfection, but it never did look orange to me.  I deadheaded it, and it rebloomed.  I placed pots around on bare spots until they filled in.

Here's my Vancouver Delphinium when it was more dignified, and not sprawling all over the place.  Oh, here's another plant that grew a lot even while blooming.

I always take pics from this view when I photograph the new bed, as well as the one above, from the front.  I wonder what I'll call it next year, as it won't be new anymore!  The sunflowers are not tall yet in this photo.

These last two are from the first week of October.  A couple of the sunflowers had already been taken down by the squirrels, and the others by me, after they took all the seed heads.  I haven't decided whether I'm growing sunflowers next year.


  1. How nice to see your 'new' garden in stages. You've done a great job and next year it will be even more lovely. FlowerLady

  2. Your garden is certainly full and lush for being a "new" garden, Sue! And you have quite a bounty of strawflowers.

    I've been blogging for several months now, and I still haven't figured out some of the eccentricities of Blogger:)

  3. You garden is looking great!

    Like Rose said, who ever has the time to figure out all the little tricks on Blogger. You're doing great so far. Some times I have very frustrating periods. I've also noticed when they add a new feature, my old methods don't work any more. That is irritating.

  4. If warm brown was what you meant the font to be, you succeeded. Just when I think I'm perfectly satisfied with my blog features, I change my mind!

    I did finally make a note to myself that black backgrounds with light type was not what I wanted. A dark background does show photos to good effect though, with brilliantly colored type for everything in Fiesta colors, and not a lot of text.

    So many options, so little time.... Oh! If you think Blogger is hard, try the learning curve on Wordpress! I only work on Wordpress when I need something difficult to take my mind off lesser things, LOL.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement! I am having trouble keeping up with the blogs I want to read, but when winter comes, and I'm outside less, it'll be easier. I had a busy, full weekend, too, and wasn't able to be online as much as I wanted to.

    I am proud of myself, because I was able to post a link to my blog on the Cottage Garden Forum on iVillage so I wouldn't have to take the extra steps putting them on Webshots or Photobucket to post there. Oh, I wonder if I could've posted pics from here to there?

    Jean, all of a sudden, I was thinking, "Oh, dear, I've been calling her Nell!" I went back and checked, and you are Nell, too. LOL I haven't heard of Wordpress.


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