Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Dreaded Frost

I took these this morning, when it was about 25 degrees.  
It took me awhile to warm up after I came in. 

 Here's a strawflower I purchased in a hanging basket and planted in a tub. I forgot to show this,  I think bracteantha, when I posted photos of strawflowers.  It dried out a time or two, and after a big flush of flowers, did not bloom as consistently as the others.

I've been eating my kale, but not keeping up with it.  This frost is supposed to be good for it.

This volunteer hollyhock is in the lawn, next to the garbage cans and driveway.  
It should bloom next year.

This is a perennial of some kind I moved from a bed that was too shady for it.  It may be a bell or balloon flower of some kind.  


Catmint, Walker's Low, I think:

The last two are perennial geraniums.

We are supposed to have some nice weather the rest of the week.  
It will be good for cleaning up the annuals and the rest of the pots.


  1. What a joy to have your GS visit; mine will be here soon. He's an adult and can clean off the table, both before and after the meal, lol.

    We had light frost this morning. The elephant ears are still standing, but they don't look happy.

    Consider bubble wrap for the inside of your garden window. I think there's one made for greenhouses, but you could just use regular bubble wrap to test.

  2. Strangely beautiful with the layer of frost crystals covering the leaves.

  3. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I shall look forward to keeping with yours! I really enjoy gardening, but admittedly still have much to learn. I'm sure I'll glean a lot of insight from your posts.

    We've already had a VERY light frost here in Texas. It seems so early for that to be happening here!

  4. Your plants are so beautiful.
    Very nice blog.

  5. We are yet to have a hard frost over here in Southern England. I still have nasturtiums flowering, but I am sure they will soon be knocked back. I always think frost looks like what we call icing sugar. I like your pics. x

  6. Thanks for the comments! Jean, I keep forgetting to tell my husband about the bubble wrap. We've had unseasonably warm temps the last couple of weeks. There is a cold front coming through, though, and it doesn't look like we'll be getting above the forties for highs.

    I didn't know there were frosts in Texas or near Florida. I don't know what the weather is like in southern England. I just think it's cool to be able to view each others' gardens.


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