Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pictures taken in the rain for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I had fun taking photos in the rain today, knowing I'd be busy tomorrow, and not able to do it. Most of the flowers I've already posted pics of are still blooming, except for some of the asters. This one bloomed a day or two after the others, and is still blooming nicely next to the Fireworks Goldenrod.

I've never gotten a second bloom from Foxgloves until this year. This is on the east side of our house.

The Agastache Blue Fortune and Ageratum have bloomed all summer, and are still!

This is my new flower bed that was started the first week of June. In this pic are Vanilla Marigolds, Pentas, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Malva Zebrina, Black and Blue Salvia, and the Queen Anne's Lace that is about to bloom.

I think this Yarrow is Paprika, and the Foxglove may be a Strawberry.

This pink Cosmos has just been blooming a few days. Some of the other colors are Heliotrope, Blanket Flower, white Cosmos, Datura, and the Black and Blue Salvia. On the arbor, are a Clematis on the left, and a pretty much finished Morning Glory sharing space with a Snail Vine, which is still blooming.

This Vancouver Dahlia has been blooming most of the summer, a few blooms at a time, except for one flush of a bunch. I've never grown big ones before, but liked the ones my DH's grandma grew. This one defied staking, flopping all over, and got some disease on it, but it's blooming on!

This Datura, a relative of Moonflowers, was purchased as a small plant from some local growers who grew them at someone else's request, but didn't pull the flowers off the small plants to encourage them to grow bigger. I noticed they didn't sell many. I need to decide if I'm going to let this reseed, as I found out it is more poisonous than Moonflowers. I guess the Foxgloves may be, too. I don't plan on GS being out alone, so I'll have to decide about that. Do any of you with some of these plants have young children around?

I think these are annual phlox and there are a few pansies in the middle.

My cleome in the new bed has bloomed all summer, but is pretty much finished. This one still in the veggie garden with less light is just blooming, and is pinker than the one I moved to the front.
Eupatorium Prairie Jewel, related to Joe Pye Weed:

Chocolate Joe Pye Weed, Gomphrea:

A volunteer Salvia of some kind?

These plants, geranium, dahlia, and a Gerbera Daisy, were given to me by different teachers last May for para appreciation day at the school I work at.

I have several pansies that have been in bloom since early spring, but some have had some wear and tear.

I forgot the name of this begonia, but if it doesn't live in the house over the winter, I'll know where to get more. It has bloomed all summer, too!

I don't remember whether I planted this marigold from seeds or what, but it is taller than the others I got from someone on Freecycle, but the flower is about the same size. This plant is just starting to bloom, and is up to the top of the tomato cage, almost 3 feet!

My hollyhocks are all cut down, but this one is reblooming.

This area of the back yard was planted the first part of July. The asters and coneflowers are doing well.

We may let the coleus bloom to see what it looks like, now that the nights are getting colder. This one is holding some rain water, can you see it?

These impatiens were cut back a little a week or so ago because they have overgrown the hosta I had in there, but it looks like they have taken some of the territory back. We had a dog kennel up until the first part of July, so now that it's gone, I plan to add more hostas and maybe some other shade plants. If I plant more impatiens, it won't be as many.

I don't remember what kind of lavender this is, but it has a different bloom than my others. I grow several kinds, some in pots, some in the ground. Some are finished, and some are on a second flush of blooms. I got some picked and dried from the first blooms.

I don't think I remember what all I have blooming, but it won't be blooming much longer. It's supposed to get down to 34 in a couple nights, and 32 can't be too far away. My pineapple sage is just now blooming, salvias, begonias, Jupiter's Beard, perennial geraniums, straw flowers, statice, snapdragons, lantanas, moonflower vine, black eyed Susans, and some dianthus.

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! I have had several interruptions this evening, and am glad to be finishing this up! Oops, and now the blogger is unavailable! I'll save it and post later.


  1. Hiya Sue,
    Happy Bloomday to you.
    In the rain, you said. That was brave. Did your camera survive ;-)

    Never saw white Marygolds before. (Marysilvers?). Must try those some day.

    You have a great variety of plants still in good flower. Can't work out whereabouts you are, NE (Nevada, Nebraska?)
    Came and take a look at my red, and red, and red....

  2. You have so many beautiful flowers in bloom for "A Corner Garden"...you must have a lot of space? My lavender 'Munstead' is blooming, too. Surprised me. I grow mostly Spanish here. Have you used lavender in cooking? I use culinary lavender from Provence Lavender in my scones. I have the recipe on my blog. Cameron

  3. Hi Sue, your garden is quite lovely and you have some wonderful blooms today. I love the foxgloves, but have never had much success with them after a year or two. The Lavender is gorgeous, I really need to add that to my garden next year. Thanks for stopping by today, you have a nice blog.

  4. Hi Sue,
    It looks like that new area you planted last June is really doing well... So many pretty plants and flowers you chose for it. You have quite a lot blooming... I sure hope you don't lose it all.

    Down here in Florida we don't have to worry about that very often.

  5. Sue, I'm a little late, but welcome to blog land! I am sure you will really enjoy being a part of this wonderful community.

    Your gardens are so lovely. What a wide variety of flowers you have. My foxglove is getting ready to bloom a second time also. This is the first year for it in my garden, so I wasn't sure if it would or not. Hope your frost holds off a while yet so you can enjoy your blooms a little longer.

  6. Thanks for the comments! This is such fun!
    Joco, it wasn't raining hard. I had been planning on trying out DH's camera, but dared not take that one out, though. The marigolds are called, Vanilla, and they have bloomed all summer. I am in Nebraska.

    Cameron, I forgot to ask DH the size of our lot. It's not big. I think it's 63 by 120. I have a bunch of different sized and shaped beds.

    I'm in the Nebraska Herbal Society, and have eaten food other people have prepared using lavender, but I haven't cooked with it. I do dry it, when I get to it in time. I've never made scones, either, but would like to try. I'll have to check out your recipe. Thanks!

    Perennialgardener, This is the first time I've had foxglove rebloom. They don't live long in the beds I've had them in, but I'm hoping they either reseed or come back, if they are perennial. I planted several kinds, and a couple didn't bloom this year, so they should come back and bloom. None of them got as tall as they are supposed to, though. I plant to put that plant in my egress window for the window, and hope it grows again next year.

  7. Oops, I forgot to reply to Meems, and I think I was typing when Becky commented.

    Meems, it's always hard to decide whether to cover things when a frost or freeze is forecasted. It's supposed to get down to 31 to 35 tonight. We have an underground sprinkler in the front and side yard that will come on around 4 or 5 a.m. That will help rinse the frost off of those plants. You have a lovely area down there, and like Cameron probably don't live far from the ocean. If I didn't have family here, I'd consider moving near the Atlantic.

    Beckie, are you able to see all the GBBD pics in one day? I don't think you're late, as I am going to have to finish looking tomorrow. I'll have to check yours and see what zone you are in. I hope it doesn't frost tonight, as it may. I want to enjoy my blooms a little longer.

  8. Hi Sue, welcome to garden blogging! I enjoyed your bloom day post. You have so many pretty things still blooming in your garden!

  9. Sometimes my foxgloves rebloom, and sometimes not. I think when they do, they are tricked by the weather. Most foxgloves are biennial, so you can't be too zealous about deadheading, or they won't reseed. And you also mustn't pull the seedlings out when weeding. The seedlings winter over and then bloom the second year. Sometimes I lose them when we have a late spring freeze.

  10. Lovely range of flowers for bloom day. I like the Cosmos - mine haven't started flowering yet. Normally they've finished by now.

  11. Wow! I am impressed by how much you have blooming this time of year. My hollyhocks quit blooming long ago. I know what you mean about slowly changing the lawn to garden--I keep adding a little more each year.

    Welcome to the world of garden blogging; you'll find it addictive, but a wonderful place to acquire lots of gardening info and meeting great friends. This is a great first GBBD post!

  12. Thanks for the new comments. This really is addictive. I enjoyed looking at all of your blogs, as well, and have them bookmarked so I can check them out again.

    Oops! I didn't know that when Foxgloves reseed they come up the same year. I probably messed up with that. I've notice other things coming up, like larkspur, but am assuming they will die, and it's up to the other seeds to grow at the right time, since that's an annual.

    I am thinking my area may not have as much sun as the cosmos like. They are awfully leggy. I am hoping they will bloom earlier next year if they come up from seed. Hey, I notice a cosmos seedling the other day, too.

    My hollyhocks are all finished blooming except that one, and the plant itself does not look so pretty. It does have several blooms, but the stem is short.

  13. Oh, I wish I could grow foxglove. They are meant to be easy, but any seeds I have ever bought fail to germinate. I think I need fresh-from-the-flower seed, I know that works for forget-me-nots and columbine, (which I also had the same problem with). I like your little white ones, very pretty.
    And the datura sure is a beauty!

  14. I had some foxglove bloom for a second year, too. Must be our lucky year.

    You've got a lot of nice blooms in mid-October and I think you are the first and only gardener from Nebraska who has participated in bloom day.

    Thanks for joining in!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  15. My foxgloves produced smaller reblooms this year too. Yes, they're biennial. In the spring the frost often heaves the seedlings out of the ground, so be sure to push them back in and tamp the soil around them. I often lose them if I forget to do this.
    You have a wonderful collection of blooms for Bloom Day! I grew the Vanilla marigolds last year and loved them! The seed was shared by a German blog friend. Larkspur will sew itself and come back next year (I think my new little fall plants winter over as well, if I remember rightly), and my Cosmos sews itself freely and germinates in the spring (but the baby plants won't winter over). We're zone 5 here.

  16. Hi Salix Tree, Carol, and Kerri,
    Thanks for your nice comments, too. I purchased the foxgloves as plants, some at garden centers, and others at Menards. I didn't realize that I wanted the reseeding to take place the same year, but if I get some next year, I'll just be patient and wait for them to bloom the next year. Thanks for the tips and the one about pushing the soil back over the seedlings, Kerri. There was a smaller one with smoother foliage that didn't bloom, so I'm hoping it will bloom next year.

    Carol, I'm tickled that you are taking the time to reply to everyone. It's supposed to get down to 27 in a couple nights, so most of my blooms will be finished before the next bloom day.

    I am curious to see if my Vanilla marigolds will grow true to the parent plants. Here's hoping winter goes by as quickly as the summer did!


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