Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wildflower Wednesday

I do not have blooms for Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail, from Clay and Limestone.  I do have seedheads, though.  I leave the plants up all winter for the birds who eat the seeds, and for whatever critters live in them or use them in some way.  I kind of like the looks of them, too.

New England Aster:

 Wild Quinine:

Purple Prairie Clover:

Cup Plant:

Mountain Mint:

Wild Senna:

Rattlesnake Master:

Illinois Bundleflower:

I had to include an Amsonia hubrichtii and its lovely foliage:

I can't remember which Liatris this is, maybe aspera:

I hope to spend a bit more time blogging, and reading other blogs.  As I've said in the past, once the days start getting longer, my spirits are higher, and I am excited for spring to be on the way.  We've had warmer than normal temps this week.  Today, we broke the former record of 64 degrees by one degree.  Next week it is supposed to get back down to our normal 20s and 30s.  I'd rather have it now than in April or May.  I feel bad for those in the east who got all that snow.  I hope all is well with you, wherever you live.