Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September's Wildflower Wednesday

This spring and summer sure did fly by!  There were a number of things, like record rainfalls and things coming up that kept me from being out in the yard as much as I like or need to be.  It seems like the only blog posts I am doing are for Gail's Wildflower Wednesday.

My photos did not appear in the order I took them, the order I wanted them to be in, so I'll just have to make do, because I do not have time to put them in the right order.

I like to include insects that are making use of the blooms in my photos.  This is Riddell's goldenrod.  Right now, all of the goldenrods are having lots of activity on them.  It was cloudy today, so I didn't get as many as usual.  Can you see the preying mantis?

I am not sure what kind of aster or ex-aster this is.  The blooms are smaller than the others.

I am not sure what kind of goldenrod this is, but it sure is loaded with little insects.  The lighter colored plant, short-toothed mountain mint is still getting some activity.

Here's another Riddell's goldenrod plant loaded with insects.

I am pleased to have pitcher sage in different spots in the yard.  It sure is a nice color to break up all of the yellow this time of year.

This photo was supposed to be first.  Not all of the beauty is in the blooms this time of year.  I love the seed heads on Illinois bundleflower.  The foliage is also continuing to look pretty good.

There are loads of seed pods on the wild senna plants.

I like the clematis pitcherii seed pods, too.

The New England asters are very cheerful.

The brown-eyed susans get visitors, too.  They are so cheerful with their large amounts of small, about 1 inch blooms.

Blue mist flowers is one that spreads, but I got brave and planted a couple clumps the spring of 2014.  They are spreading, but not too aggressively so far.  Almost every time I go out, I see skippers on these blooms.

 I hope all is well with you and you are getting lots of visitors on your wildflowers!  I love Gail's post, where I see she posted some of the same flowers.  If you haven't been there yet, head on over to Clay and Limestone to see her Wildflower Wednesday post.