Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Nice Surprises for Friday's Post

I had been feeling sad that the daylilies and some other flowers were about finished blooming for the season, and was thinking the flower beds were going to be lacking in color until the fall flowers bloom.  Over the last few days, I have found plenty of summer blooms opening up to show for Tootsie's Flaunt your Flowers/Fertilizer Friday.

The 'Gateway' Joe Pye weed  and 'Orange Perfection' phlox have joined the hibiscus, coneflowers, and such.

I have been wondering if my 2 surprise lilies were going to bloom this year.  The foliage came up the last two springs, but they didn't bloom last year.  I was very tickled to see a bloom stalk coming up a couple days ago.  I had to move a few things around to find the other one, because I had covered it with a pot.  It seems to be recovering fine.

I didn't think this 'Cherry Blossom Magic Fountains' delphinium would bloom this year.  It's less than a foot tall.  It's a nice surprise to see.

The 'Ruby Tuesday' helenium is blooming much later than the one I think is 'Mardi Gras'.   I just noticed these blooms today. 

Another nice surprise is the delphinium that got so tall this summer, is now blooming again, only shorter.


Kiss me over the garden gate is blooming shorter and later than last year. By the end of the summer, I have a feeling it will be much taller.  I remember it still grows while it's blooming.

My neighbor's celosias are huge and blooming.  These, that I planted from her saved seed last year, and then seeded themselves, finally decided to come up.  What a surprise!  I wonder if they will bloom before summer is over.  I need to move them, because they are right by the small delphinium, and this recently planted lavender.

We're leaving the main front yard bed.  I was able to get a better photo of the skullcap, that I showed in my Wildflower Wednesday post, that's in the curb bed.

This 'Black Night' butterfly bush I planted near the sidewalk on the west edge of the yard, next to the wash tubs last year, is a bit spindly, but the blooms opened a day or two ago.

I almost didn't notice the little bellflowers have opened.  I think they are 'Blue Clips'.   I love the  rudbeckia.  I'll have to see if I have the tag somewhere.  We still haven't sunk the tub so the bear's breetches don't spread too far.

Tootsie told us she was going to do something different this week.  I see she posted photos from a gardener who doesn't blog.  It looks to be a nice place.  I need to go back and look more closely.

I am needing to limit my computer time somewhat because of jaw pain, which seems to be affected when I use the muscles on my right side.  I am finding that sitting where I can lean back helps.  I  hope to visit the Friday posts after catching up from my last post.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It is sad when the blooms are done. Sorry to hear about the jaw pain. Feel better.

  2. Love everything but especially the surprise lilies, which I tend to call naked lilies. (Hmmm, why don't I have any of those?!)

  3. Wow.
    Enjoyed seeing your surprise lilies. Are they also called Amaryllis.
    Mine just bloomed yesterday.
    Do check it out in my blog.

  4. I am loving the color of your 'Orange Perfection' phlox.

    I noticed it is short. Is that as tall as it gets?

    I planted some this year in my whiskey barrels. It is short, too. So far no blooms. I will be very happy if mine is the same color as yours! I have been worried that it will be too pink as I have seen a lot of pink 'orange perfection' on the Internet.

    Hope your jaw is feeling better soon.

  5. Sue, sorry you are having jaw pain; my wrists and left arm are the issue.

    The flowers look very pretty and fresh. I need to check my surprise lilies.

  6. You do have some nice surprises in your gardens. My celosia is about 7 feet tall now. Hope you find the cause of the jaw pain, doesn't sound like much fun. Take care!

  7. Hope your jaw is better.

    That ruby helenium has my attention. I want to add helenium, but have been so undecided about color. I think the ruby is the right choice for my coreopsis companion, so I thank you for sharing the bloom.

  8. You have the most interesting flowers. What a gorgeous garden. The neighbors must feel very lucky to live next door to you.

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    I love GOOD surprises.

    That butterfly bush is an fabulous purple. I bet it is loved by all the neighborhood butterflies.

  10. The skullcap really is an interesting and beautiful flower!

  11. Sue I like your pretty surprises.. I love it when plants pop up in the garden that I have been waiting for eons to bloom or have forgotten that I had even planted them ...

    So sorry to hear of your Jaw pain.. Get better real soon.. Vetsy

  12. Sorry to hear you are having pain - it is horrible to get old isn't it? I have new pains all of the time!! Your garden is still lovely even though things are beginning to die. My daylilies are all gone also. My blackeyed susans are really doing well and so are some other flowers. The weeds are growing well also! We have either had rain or too much heat to get out and pull them. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. cacophony of color. All so different mine is spent but I have hope for rain someday !!sk

  14. You certainly have some lovely surprises in your garden Sue! Sorry about the continuing jaw pain, I hope it eases up and you are more comfortable soon.


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