Friday, July 2, 2010

What's Blooming in the Side Yard for Friday

I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by in the summer.  I checked my last post on the side bed, and saw there were enough changes to post again.  I'm joining Tootsie's Flaunt your Flowers/Fertilizer Friday.  The link is in my sidebar.  I did get the last of the coop poop put around the newer plants, and used some of what was left on the tomatoes and peppers.

This is the east side of the house.  After the long views, I will get closer, showing areas as we head north.  After showing a group of plants, I'll show close ups from what's in the previous photos.

Here's a view facing south and west.  The flag on the left is in the middle of the big front bed.

The dianthus in the pot needs to be clipped back so it can bloom some more.  There are lots of little blooms on the bridal's wreath.  The black and blue salvia is blooming, and taking over the space of the gazania that is in the same pot.  The pot doesn't show in the photo.  It's right next to the bird house decoration.

This photo of the daylily next to the bench was taken the day before the other photos.

The spiderworts are still blooming, but the buds are not always open.  The alliums are blooming, as are the threadleaf coreopsis.  The amsonia is regrowing since I cut it back after it bloomed.  It's to the right of the ladder with the lighter colored leaves.

Here's the mountain mint that's behind the amsonia.  It's about to bloom.

There are several daylilies blooming in this bed.

The tall plant is rudbeckia 'Herbstonne'.  It's not blooming yet.

I think this is gray headed coneflower in front of the 'Herbstonne'.

The small pinkish blooms are hyssop.  It was supposed to be a blue blooming one, like I'd had for a number of years before it died.  The soil has been wetter than the yarrow likes, but the blooms are still pretty. 

This may be one of the daylilies I saved from a site where the house was going to be torn down.

I think I bought this from a guy selling daylilies from his yard.

The cherry bells campanula are one of my favorites.  These are lighter colored than the ones I found on the internet.

I don't remember where I got these, but they sure are beauties.  They are in the back, next to the house.  I think I need to move a clump to a different spot next spring.

I just looked up moonbeam coreopsis to make sure that's the right name of this taller growing one than the one in the other side of the flower bed.  I read that it is considered somewhat invasive.  The size of the clump gets larger every year, but I just pull out what I don't want, or give some away.  It doesn't creep all over the place here, anyway.

This is the daylily next to the barbed wire.  The blooms are huge, and it's one of my favorite daylilies right now.  This may be the one with a number, but no name that was one of the few left when the local daylily grower went out of business a few years ago.

The balloon flowers were one of the last plants that emerged from the ground this spring.   This is the second spring for these.

Here's the splurge from a number of years ago from the local daylily growers.  I wish I'd have been into daylilies more before they closed.

The back yard is on the other side of the fence.  This false sunflower plant was moved out of the vegetable garden as a seedling, which was sown by birds or the compost pile.  It gets taller than the others.  Maybe it just likes that spot, or is competing with the amsonia and false baptisia.  The amsonia, I cut back a couple weeks ago.

This daylily is 'Little Grapette".  I didn't think it was going to get as big as this, but I like it.  I think the veronica is 'Sunny Border Blue'.  Spiny Bear's Breeches are in the tub I haven't had a chance to sink into the soil to keep the plant from spreading.  I cut the sides of amsonia (to the right of the veronica) and other plants I shear back, shorter where other plants could use the room. 

The globe thistle blooms are turning blue.  I need to get some cut to dry before they all go to seed.  They do self sow, and one only has so much room for a plant that size.

Oh, I forgot I included a close up of the amsonia.  I'm doing this post in several sessions, while eating or taking breaks from gardening and cleaning.

The globe thistle:

The daylily clump closest to the shed was Larry's mom's.

Did you see this purple milkweed plant in the above photo?  It has grown and gotten straighter since I last posted about it.  It's one of the milkweeds I bought from our university's arboretum.

The bulb foliage is still in the process of dying.  I should have gotten the whole wire egg basket shaped like a chicken in the photo.  I guess I included this to show the pincushion flower.  This is a problem area that I am trying to figure out how to keep full.  The amsonia had been taking up the room where the pan with the marigold is, before I cut it back.  I planted the black and blue salvia, which is next to the purple milkweed, before the globe thistles got so big.  'Hello Yellow' milkweed is in bud next to the pincushion flower.  The smaller variety of goldenrod in the lower right corner keeps wanting to bloom early, as have some of my other late summer bloomers.  I originally planted it next to the shed when Larry's dad was still alive and living here.  I divided it and moved one to this spot when we had the shed repaired a couple years ago.

Here's a view looking back south and west.  Larry wanted to plant grasses in the garbage can area.  I was never a big fan of them, and over time, have added flowers to the area as well.  I've decided I like them, but don't think I want more at this time.

I can't believe I didn't get the liatris in the area next to the house in a photo.  It's in front of the bed frame.  This is a clump that I planted last year, from a division of that plant. It seems to like this spot.

I have salvia, 'Purple Rain at each end of the border.  There is a butterfly bush in this photo, too.  Oh, and the wash tub of the beautiful pink 'Spooky' dianthus was sheared back to deadhead it.  It should be blooming again in a couple weeks or so.

I think this phlox was a passalong, or else bought from a yard sale.  It kept gettiing mildew or something on it, so I thought I had dug it out, but it has been coming back the last few years.  Sometimes the foliage gets discolored, but not always.

This hollyhock has probably doubled in size since the last time I showed it in a photo, saying it should hide the garbage cans.  Well, there probably is no hiding them, but at least it draws the eye.

Our grandson had surgery to straighten his right thumb Wednesday.  If he wouldn't have had the surgery, it's a condition that would have caused him pain.  We wanted to have him Thursday, so he wouldn't get it bumped at daycare.  I tell you what, it didn't slow him down.  He put weight on it, and didn't favor it.  He did say, "ow" a couple times.  When he saw the band aide on my leg, he asked me if it hurts.  I said it does when it's bumped, and asked him if his hand hurts, and he said it didn't.  They are giving him ibuprophin or something like that, so maybe that has prevented it from hurting.  He's such a sweetie!

Oh, and he knows what daylilies are now.  The yellow blooms on the other side of the driveway are some of my daylilies that are planted next to irises.  I like that.  The irises bloom early, then the daylilies show off when the iris are finished. 

Go to Tootsie's and see her beautiful yard, and find the links or link your blooms.


  1. you have beautiful gardens all around your house....kisses for your grandson's thunb

  2. Sue, I love your garden beds. They are so full and lush and everything is gorgeous. Your home and gardens are sweet and cottagey.

    Your little grandson is a cutiepie.

    Have a nice holiday weekend.


  3. Wow, how do you keep up with all the wonderful plants in that bed? So many nice things to comment on, but I think I like the globe thistle the best.

  4. Your grandson is so cute. Hope his thumb continues to heal. They grow up too fast. Your gardens look amazing!

  5. What a little cutie helping you to have lovely plant beds and I'm impressed that you know all the names!!! Happy 4th!!!

  6. what a beautiful border! Your side yard is really long - a perfect palette for this great collection. I love the daylilies tucked in here and there. I just dog-eared the page in my catalog with the cherry bells. I'm surprised it's so light as well. My globe thistle is beginning to bloom this year. Haven't yet made the decision whether the bang is worth the buck.

  7. Little guy is growing - love the long shot .Never saw that angle before- My flowers have bowed to the heat though we are having some late daily showers now. You lilies are making a real broadway show this year!! 4 weeks till school here. remarkable/time

  8. Love the gray-headed coneflower. I had some of those come up from a packet of wildflower seeds, but the plant died off after the second summer. I was hoping it would re-seed, but unfortunately not. Your whole garden looks lovely!

  9. I love Amsonia. Also the coreopsis and campanula, though everything is looking nice for you!

  10. You've got so many blooms, I can't decide which are my favorites. I do like the daylilies, because I have them in my own garden, but you've got many beauties that I don't have (and perhaps can't grow down here) so I enjoy seeing yours. I hope you and Larry have a wonderful Holiday weekend.

  11. The pink daylily (11th photo from the top) is 'Catherine Woodbury'. The only other one I recognized was 'Strawberry Candy', but you already knew that one.

  12. Thanks for the ID, Karen. I didn't know any of the ones I have here are 'Strawberry Candy' but was noticing that a couple of mine look like the one that was called that across the street.

    I've split some and moved them, too, and don't remember which ones the moved ones came from. It was a new surprise each time a moved clump bloomed. One of them didn't bloom, so I'll have to wait until next year. I'm that way with other kinds of flowers, too. Well, I'm a bit scatterbrained in other areas of my life, too.


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