Monday, July 5, 2010

East Side of the Back Yard for Bloomin' Tuesday

We had more rainy than sunny days in June, and have had some rain this month, too.  It was raining when I first got up this morning, but as soon as it lightened up, I went out to the back yard to take photos of some back yard blooms for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday.  Many of the hostas are blooming.  Nothing grows well under the dryer vent, but the hostas around it are doing OK.  There is insect, probably slug damage on the leaves, but some of the holes may be hail damage.

The monarda was flopped down from the rain this morning, so, when I noticed it wasn't as much this evening, I went out and took more photos.  I decided to show more of the yard that is to the east of the deck.  The row of hostas is against the north side of the house.

The clematis soon will be joined by lots of morning glory blooms.  There are a few so far, but I forgot to include that photo.

The clematis is doing well in this pot in this spot.  This is probably the last year for the pot, though, because the bottom is rusted out.  There is a portulaca growing on the bottom left of it.

We still have lots of items blocking the plants to prevent Heidi from digging.

The closest hosta to the edge of the house shows on the right side of the photo, next to the monarda.  The picket over the chain link is to prevent Heidi from jumping over the fence and running through the neighborhood.  The pots of lavender are in hopes of having something pleasant to smell, since the gravel area is where Heidi goes after she eats.

The monarda is 'Jacob Cline'.  I like it with the echinacea, 'Magnus', gray headed coneflower and lavender.

I've clipped back the asters a time or two.  The stiff goldenrod has mildew or something on the bottom leaves, but the newer growth has been green awhile.  I'd thought about cutting it back, but maybe I should just take some of the lower leaves off.

I need to look to see when the goldenrods and such bloomed last year.  It looks like the stiff goldenrod will be blooming soon.  That's false sunflower on the other side of the fence.

More gray-headed coneflower, 'Magnus', and aster are along the fence.  The area along the shed is an area Heidi has dug in a lot.  She has dug out several coneflowers.  For some reason, I have a black-eyed Susan behind the pot with the snapdragons in it.

I forgot to point out the volunteer holyhock next to the gray-headed coneflower on the edge of the shed.

The variegated false sunflowers are filling in nicely, after having been eaten to the ground by rabbits this spring.

Here's the view looking back to the driveway, with the deck on the left.

On the other side of the hose stand, some morning glories are growing with wild petunias at their feet.

Head on over to Jean's blog to see what else people have blooming for Tuesday, or go take some photos and show what's blooming your way.


  1. Everything looks nice and healthy! Love your green old metal garden chair, I'm always on the lookout for one-enjoy!

  2. so, so pretty and i love all of the gravel and containers.

  3. Glad to hear that some gardens are getting rain this summer! I love that gray-headed coneflower! Your hostas are looking great.

  4. Great pics! It's great to see pictures of the gardens as a whole so we can see everything growing together. Your clematis are beautiful - one of my favorite plants. That's the biggest hollyhock I've ever seen.

  5. Your gardens are always an inspiration. How many years did it take you to get to this point? I really like your containers placed here and there.

  6. I like hosta flowers more than I tend to like hosta foliage, lol. Also like all the watering cans you have tucked away here 'n' there, and that chair made out of the tractor seat.

  7. Hi Sue,

    Very nice, so plants to see!

    Please send us some rain, my plants are beginning to stop completely because they're not getting enough water! Seedlings are going no where for the past few weeks, I'll have to get the hose out tonight.

  8. I like this area of your garden Sue, the gravel is a great way to save on mowing etc... You got some great shots of those Hosta blooms too. :)

  9. Hi Sue. Every time I see one of your postings I rapidly go down through just to see what all you have and then go back over them slowly to soak the flowers and your great decor all in.LOL! You just have so many flowers.
    I really like this section of your garden. The dark coleus in the tub is so pretty and I am not even a fan of it. They look so pretty altogether and complimenting each other.

    I love the variegated leaves on the False Sunflowers. Could I talk you into saving some seeds for me? I would love to try them.Could I trade something for them?

    Your red Monarda is so pretty in with the yellow coneflowers.

  10. Sue your place is beaming with color. Your paths are real nice with lots of color on each side.

  11. Hello,
    Wow !!! So many flowers around your house, it's really beautiful.
    It's must be great to sit and look at all those colors.

  12. I love the foliage on the variagated false sunflower. I just saw that plant in person last week when I admired the foliage in my brother-in-law's bouquet of flowers from his garden.

    What a shame that the rusty planter has lost its bottom. I would continue to use it by putting black plastic pots inside. It has such a wonderful patina.

  13. I love all the colors blooming together. I don't think I've seen wild petunia. Very pretty! Great little 'extras' in the garden! Jean

  14. Wow! Everything looks so great! I love your garden chairs -- I've been on a hunt to find some like these -- they add such a great vintage look to the garden. Your coleus looks beautiful in the silver bin.

    I'm jealous of your Monarda -- mine peaked a few weeks ago and is finished for the summer. :( Enjoy your blooms!!

  15. I always love 'strolling' through your gardens. Every room is inviting and there is so much to look at. I love the galvanized pots as planters. I have a lot of them with nothing in them, I am going to have to fill them up!

  16. Sue, How fresh your garden looks. Mine is quite 'crisp' with the lack of rain and temps close to 100 degrees! How lovely to have a volunteer holihock. Love the methods you use to deal with Heidi's little adventures. Send some rain, please. Love, Pam x

  17. I could putter around for hours in your garden. So pretty!

    I like your fencing idea with the pipe. Cool.

  18. You have lovely blooms in your garden! Looks wonderful. I love Hostas and their blooms. Mine are already done! We fluctuate between zone 7 & 8 - wishing I were more like 6 & 7.
    But, Bloom where you're planted - right :)
    Hope you stop by, I am having two giveaways this month!

  19. such a cacophony of color. this fall I shall hold that header photo in my hear. so so lovely to come here..sandy


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