Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Other Critters from Last Week

My chives are blooming again.  Maybe it's because I cut them back earlier than usual, before seeds had formed.  Well, can you see who was glad they are blooming again?  I saw this last Saturday, after I'd already posted for Camera Critters.

I don't remember if I've seen a buckeye butterfly here before.  I was so excited, I almost did another CC post that day.  This is why I decided to go ahead and post the rest of the photos I had exported for yesterday's Camera Critters and didn't use.

I haven't seen this beauty since Saturday, so maybe it was just passing through.

I am continuing to see monarchs and bees every day. 

I am also seeing wasps, cabbage whites, a blue of some kind, and a few skippers.  A book I have says the different species of skippers are challenging to identify.  The club area of a skipper's antenna is bent, which is different from other butterflies.

I tried to find this in my book, but couldn't tell.  Last year, someone on the butterfly forum at ivilliage had a couple suggestions to what kind of skipper it could be, but my memory is not so great.

I still want to see if this is a male or female of the black wasps that love to feed on my blooms.

This was identified here, I think, last year.  I'll have to look and see.  It sure is colorful.

Here's more sharing going on.

The Virginia mountain mint that I divided and only replanted a small clump of is blooming, and the wasps, who were the reason I only kept a small clump, have found it.

This is either a third kind, or male or female of one of the others.  I did briefly try to find these wasps online, but didn't see them that I could tell.

A whole lot of flies were hanging out on the Autumn Joy sedum.

This grackle, may be giving me a "don't take my picture look" but I did anyway.  (When we cleaned out the garage a week or so ago, we came across some sunflower seeds, and Larry put them in different feeders in the yard.  The critters have been very active around them.)

There were a bunch of sparrows all around at this time.  Can you see the ones on the sidewalk?

While I was out taking photos, I heard a thump, looked up, and saw this squirrel, lying on its side, next to the small branch/stick, which apparently, gave way with the weight of the squirrel.  It sure looked dazed.  After a couple minutes, it slowly walked off.

More sharing:

Look what happened to the katydid!  My daylilies must be very nourishing!

Can you see what I call a hummingbird moth?  I think it's a white-lined sphinx moth.  It was almost dark, and I couldn't get a good photo of it.

These were taken the 14th.

I'm not sure why this goofy squirrel was lying flat, but I'm thinking it was eating sunflower seeds.

I've been chasing rabbits out of the garden areas almost every day.  I'm sure they come right back, but it somehow makes me think I am defending my poor plants from them.  This one stopped next door, and tried to look innocent.

I was surprised to catch Heidi trying to catch a fly, or whatever it was.  It's not a dignified photo, so don't tell her I posted it.

Wherever you are, I hope the critters are good ones, and you are able to get outside some.


  1. Sue, your butterfly photos are fantastic! I loved the shot of the squirrel all stretched out cooling himself. But, my favorite by far, is Heidi--you go girl! Catch all the flies you can.

  2. Nice critters! I'm not fast enough with the camera to get good photos of the butterflies in our garden.

  3. Sue, I can't resist stopping by to check on your Camera critters you are really good at catching them in action.

    I like all of the photos but I really like the butterfly on the chives and the Bee and Monarch on the Cone flowers.. Those are such pretty shots!...

    I haven't seen those species of Wasp here in Michigan they are very interesting.. I assume they use pollen in some way..because it's as many of them on the flowers as they are bees..

    I have seen those small green flies..they are every where in the garden...I don't know what their purpose is.. But there sure are a lot of them around here....

    I see that the Hummingbird moth likes the same flowers that the hummingbird does..that's a nice plus to have such as...The bird visiting during the day and the insect by night.

    wonderful....Thanks for Sharing your photos of Camera critters sharing, with us...

  4. Hi Sue, Beautiful pictures.....Loved the soothing green feeling here at ur blog.

  5. Haha - great post, gave me a much needed chuckle first thing on a Monday morning

  6. Sue~What a treat to stop by and see the Buckeye Butterfly~I had a few visit last year and am hoping there will be some this year~Have a good week~gail

  7. The color on your corner must be a beacion to so many-- Great propagating going on and as always the beautiful Heidi.

    "He who plants a garden plants happiness"Chinese proverb

  8. Hello,
    That was fantastic, it's like each insect and animals was ready for you and your camera.

  9. Hi Sue, You've got an amazing array of critters frequenting your grounds. I had to chuckle when you stated chasing the rabbits off only to have them come right back. They're awfully cute but I bet you don't think so. More like infuriating. The squirrel lying flat looks thirsty, maybe? At least he's got plenty of food, thanks to that discovered sunflower seed. No wonder you've got so many visitors! Your kindness is evident. :)

  10. Love your critters, especially the buckeye butterfly. I've been seeing painted ladies, sulphurs, and a few swallowtails. Last year the skippers were abundant at the end of the summer. I would love to see a monarch!

  11. Wowie Wow Wow! The capture of these critters by your camerawork is stunning. LOVE the butterfly and bee in one shot. Professional work. That's a keeper to frame on a wall at your home.

    Obviously, no one is stressed in your garden judging by that relaxed squirrel and innocent bunny. You have more wasps than an old blue-blood yacht club!

    Thanks for posting. Great stuff!

  12. Wow!! The butterflies are gorgeous -- love the photo of the butterfly on the chives.

  13. What bio-diversity!
    Wildlife galore and so many lovely plants.
    I feel quite refreshed after looking round. And that butterfly is one I have never even see a picture of.

  14. My Goodness, Sue! You Really have a lot of Critters!! I get excited when I see butterflies like your Buckeye! I've never seen a squirrel fall out of a tree like that, but surely they do. Very enjoyable post!


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