Saturday, July 31, 2010

Critters from the Week

I have not been outside as much as I'd like lately, but have gone out with my camera a few times.  On Tuesday, when I was taking photos for Bloomin' Tuesday and Wildlife Wednesday, I also saw some critters to photograph for Misty Dawn's Camera Critters.  The link is in my sidebar.

(I want to thank Adrienne of Ohio for letting me know this is an ailanthus moth.)

I'm not sure what these are in the milkweed.

This rabbit was eating the lettuce that I left for them, too bitter for me, but hoping they'd eat it instead of my beans and such.

When it saw me, it went to the fence and munched on the grass I had just pulled.  I felt like it was trying to act innocent.  After taking a video and a bunch of photos, I went over to it and said I was not fooled, and chased it out, until next time.

I just missed getting a photo of the adult robin putting food into the young one's mouth.  It looks big enough to me to be getting food on its own, but I'm not the parent.

I was pleased to see the monarch eating on the strawflowers.

Thursday, as I was taking photos for Flaunt your Flowers, I found more critters.   I hadn't seen many butterflies on the lantana this year, but sure have enjoyed the blooms.  I like that geranium and the purple verbena blooms with them, too.  I was please with getting 3 different positions of the monarch.

The doves sure like to watch things from up high.

The squirrels sure are cute, but I still don't call them friends.

I'm thinking this is a skipper of some kind, but the wings look different than the ones I see most often.

I didn't leave as many captions as usual, because our grandson woke up from his nap, and we are going to take him to my parents' house.  I really need to be doing shorter posts.  I hope to reign myself in soon.


  1. Hello,
    I love the the squirrel in the chair, is so cute.

  2. I really enjoyed this post, the ailanthus moth and the monarch--just beautiful. The squirrel is cute, too.

  3. As usual, you have taken some amazing photos of the critters in your yard. I can't get over that squirrel, he is so relaxed, sitting on that chair as if it was his. I love the photo of the bunny, but I have to say, If I saw one in my garden, I wouldn't be too happy about it.

  4. Looking good. Never seen a squirrel look so blaze! Monarchs here all the time, and hopefully in typical numbers over August again--hope theyv'e receovered somewhat.

  5. This is just lovely! you are good to take time to do this photos. If the squirrel is not your friend yet... I think you are his friend...
    have a nice day!

  6. Sue, those are fantastic shots of quite a few critters. The squirrel and bunny are funny, both acting so innocent. :-) Love your red lantana.

    Have a lovely day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. Sue these are just super photos! I love the one of the butterfly and the bright lantanas.

    The one of the squirrel stretched out is just too funny. Evidently, your dog puts no fear in you critters!

    I scared a rabbit out of the yard mowing yesterday while our dog was lounging in the shade. He did eliminate one this week however!

  8. Hi Sue. Beautiful critters in the garden this week. The butterfly and lantana image is just gorgeous. I had to laugh at that squirrel. It is just chilled out and lazing about. LOL!

  9. nice gardenphotos
    the squirrel is my favourite, so cute!

    Christina, sweden

  10. Hello Sue...
    The flowers and the butterflies are so pretty..

    I like the one on the Milkweed I haven't figured out what that insect is either yet..I have seen it more than once in my garden..

    The Monarch on the Lantana's are pretty too".. Squirrels are the cutest pains in the Butts!.. I love the photo's of it on that chair, it made me chuckle"....

    Have a great day!

  11. Great post of your critter Heaven, Sue. Loved the squirrel photos! Happy August gardening :)

  12. I so enjoyed this post! Wonderful shots of the critters in your garden. I love the squirrel and I do feel for you about the rabbit! Good to chase them away but know they will be back. Drat! That is a skipper... I love how they really seem to be skipping when they fly and your Monarch photos are lovely! Enjoy your grandson. ;>)

  13. The squirrel was posing for you. Great shot of the monarch. Great post with all of your critters.

  14. Hi Sue,

    What a bunch of cool shots you got of your garden. I see you do indeed have an webworm moth pic. They're kinda cool looking, no?

    Thanks for stopping by my garden blog.

  15. I love the pictures of the squirrel. I love sharing my space with wildlife, unless they try to take over.

  16. What wonderful shots! I really like the moth, looks like he has flowers on his wings, I have never seen one but saw one on someone else's blog this evening.

  17. Your photos are wonderful, as is your July garden. Love the comment about the rabbit 'acting innocent'. I'm always happy when we can leave a pile of grass clippings out for them. Right now they are really bothering my crocuses.


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