Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Front Yard Bed

I set out telling myself to just post the Surprise Lily for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday, but seeing there were still some other nice blooms, I checked, and saw it had been a month since I'd done an update on the front yard bed.  Then, I saw I had gotten sidetracked the other day, and not gone all the way around, so a few photos are from Saturday, and the sunniest ones are from a few minutes ago.

You can see in this photo, part of the round bed where I used to have mostly orange and red flowers.  Some of these were already there.

This part of the bed has been blooming for a number of weeks.  What troopers!

The butterfly bush behind Heidi is finally starting to bloom, later than it did last year.

The surprise lilies have nice sized blooms.

The delphiniums are on the left.  The cleomes are blooming at different heights.  I forgot they do that.

Love lies bleeding is up and over the leaf burning cage.

The kiss me over the garden gate plants are getting taller.

Here's a view I always include in my front garden posts.  Our grandson is such a sweetie!  We'll go somewhere where there are flowers, and he'll say, "Flower garden!"

The little delphinium is filling out.

Here are the surprise lilies from the other side.  I'm loving the pink lisianthus.  The petite monarda is cut back and looking OK.

I think this foxglove had been blooming the longest of most flowers this season.

When I went back out to get more photos, I was tickled to see the reblooming iris has a new flower stalk.

I've been pulling out Octopus bellflowers to prevent them from spreading too far.

I divided the mums so they wouldn't overpower the September charm anemone like they almost did last year, and now, the anemone is larger than the mum.

I guess it doesn't know it's not September yet.

The area I put the fake flowers in has filled in better.

I thought the clematis was finished for the season, but it has some new blooms.

We've made it around the bed.  I'm sorry I didn't remember some of the names of the plants.  I would have looked them up from different posts, but I need to get some other things done around here.  I did put a link to other front yard posts in the first paragraph.

Well, I'm planning on using more self control and posting fewer photos for awhile.  In a couple weeks, I have an appointment with a dentist who specializes in TMJD, and is a professor at our university.  I didn't realize there was a professor's clinic, but I'm glad, because it looks like it won't be as expensive as the place my dentist referred me to.  I also have a book to read to help me function better in my body.  It talks about replacing our bad habits with good ones, and one of those has to do with posture. 

I hope you are having a good start to the week.


  1. Still lots going on in your garden! The Surprise Lily is beautiful. Seems all your color combosare working great. Jean

  2. I'm so jealous of your garden! It looks so pretty! Nice job!

  3. Hi Sue,
    Your front garden is still full of wonderful blooms. Did you have a pic of the Octopus bellflowers? I have never heard of them, so I am not sure if you had a pic there or not.

    The Surprise lilies are just so pretty. I really need to find some of those as I have been admiring them on so many blogs!

  4. All nice photos, but I really like the Love Lies Bleeding - I'll have to see if that one grows well here in Alabama.

  5. I have always wanted to try the re-blooming iris. Which do you reccomend?

  6. I just love Foxglove. Yours is such a delicate color--just beautiful. I'm glad you are getting help with your TMJ--I hope you get some good relief. Please let us know how you are doing.

  7. What an outburst of colour you have happening here! Is the pale coneflower 'Hope'? And is that some sort of Eryngium up against your iron fence? The tall plant with the small white ball-like flowers? It's very cool. I hope you get some relief for your TMJ--no fun at all.

  8. Sue - What a nice blog you have - and many of your blooms are like those we saw in Buffalo. Love your photos. Your Love Lies Bleeding is so pretty. I have my first one and it's just about to get a bloom on it - I can't wait. What's your dog's name? S/he is cute. I have 2 big mutts who torment me in my garden! I also see we share some gardening friends like Jodi and Morning Glories above. Come back to visit again.

  9. Hiya Sue,
    Enjoyed seeing the plants dotted about your garden. The more so as there isn't much to shout about in mine. BTW: You've got mail!!

  10. Amazing that so much is still blooming! Never heard of reblooming iris before-enjoy!

  11. Hello,
    I love your flowers bed and you have a beautiful dog.

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  13. Very full and pretty. The clematis is gorgeous! Good job planning for summer flowers.

  14. Sue, it was so nice of you to visit! Your garden is full of lovely bloom, and that lily is stunning! We'll be thinking of you and your trip to the dentist and pray that all goes well. Have a wonderful weekend.


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