Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've been working on my Camera Critters post for a couple days, doing a bit at a time.  I didn't see as many butterflies this week, but I haven't been out as much, either.  I do see a monarch every day, at different times of the day, including early in the morning.  This morning, I met our grandson and daughter-in-law at the cemetery so we could feed the waterfowl the extra fiber whole wheat bread that passed its date a few days ago, so I got some photos there, too.  We still didn't see any ducklings, but there are lots of places they could be hiding.

A few days ago, I saw this bedraggled black swallowtail on a pepper plant.  I tried to get it to move, because I was about to water, but it didn't want to.  Finally, I got it to go to another plant, but didn't want to disturb it any further.

I haven't gotten photos of butterflies on the verbena bon.  this year, but is that a mosquito on this one?

Friday morning, Larry called me to tell me I should go out with my camera because of the cool clouds in the sky.  He said they were rapidly changing.  By the time I got the collar on Heidi and gathered my camera, I think I missed the big display.  Still, I got some OK cloud photos, and when I walked down the block to see if I could see more clouds, I saw some critters.

This rabbit is in the neighbor's yard, where it has plenty of things to eat, even though it likes to come for the tastiness of my flowers as well.

As I was heading back home, I was too slow to get what would have been a cool photo of a couple of doves on a nice wooden fence.  They flew off as soon as they saw me looking at them.  The squirrel, on another neighbor's feeder stayed put, enjoying a feast.

When I got to the front yard, I saw some blue jays fly overhead.  One of them perched at the tippy top of a tree.

Not to be outdone, a grackle, I think, perched on another tree and did a vocal performance.

Now, here is a story of what I'm thinking is a pecking order at the pond.

The first birds to come enjoy some of our bread were the swans.

When the ducks saw the action, they came to eat, too.

Behind them, were the geese.

One goose, peeked up and looked at me a minute, posing for some photos.

Then, it decided to join us on land.  I wasn't thrilled about that.  Linda showed it some bread, then threw it in the water to go fetch, but it was promptly eaten by the competition.

Just as we were backing away from the goose, someone came and put dried corn in a container I hadn't noticed before, and there was a race to get to that food.

The ducks got some eating done, but the swans were right on their "heels" and most of the ducks made room for them at the corn.

I wonder if there was any left for the geese.

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  1. What a wonderful post, Sue!! I loved tagging along with you on your adventure. The photos are really amazing, I think, especially that you got that is beyond me! The butterfly is so pretty, too. Well, they're all great...I have no favorites! Nice work!!

  2. You always have the best photographs of butterflies! They are too fast for me, whenever I get my camera out, they have already flown away.

  3. Great pictures. That butterfly is so beautiful!

  4. Great photos. Beautiful butterfly.
    I stay away from Canadian geese. One day I was shooing them off our lawn, and a large goose charged me! They are intimidating when they stretch up and seem to be as tall as I am (I admit that isn't very tall!)

  5. How lucky you are to have such a pond near you. That reminds me of where I grew up in England, near the River Thames. My parents used to take me down there to feed the ducks and swans.

  6. Beautiful photos. Love the swans. We don't have much wildlife here in the city, but this year rabbits moved in and they are eating up a storm.I have yet to get their photo.

  7. Sue, loved the record of you all visiting the park.

    I bet your grandson really gets a kick out of all the birds.

    Do be careful of the geese. They can be very agressive, especially if they have young or a nest nearby.

  8. Heavenly critter post, Sue, the pond photos, especially enjoyable!

  9. Very nice use of a city lot. Isn't it amazing what we can cram in to our allotted space? The pond looks like a fun place to sit awhile.

  10. I missed this activity this year in my neck of the woods.. There's something peaceful and relaxing about feeding ducks in the pond..

    wonderful photos of the ducks and your family..

  11. Beautiful swans, and that swallowtail had been around the block a time or two but still a great shot :). Love all your butterfly shots.


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