Thursday, April 30, 2009

SkyWatch Friday 4/30

From Monday:

From Tuesday:

We're still having lots of clouds, and some rain. To see more skies from all over the world, or participate, visit the SkyWatch blog.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rain Drops and Hellebores

I haven't had much time for blogging this weekend.  Today, I found some moments between laundry loads to go down the list of blogs I follow.  After supper, I visited Cathy, at Outside In, who had a post called, "Rain Drops".  Since it has been raining much of today, I told her I was going to brave the cool temps and take some pics, too.  I ended up taking over 300 pictures!

I have a couple irises that just opened yesterday.

I am still loving these double pink tulips.

I've never grown this kind of lily.   I have two clumps now, and they are looking to be getting ready to bloom.

And now, for the hellebore part.  Larry and I went to an annual plant sale called, "Spring Affair" yesterday.  A nursery a few hours away from here puts it on.  That was the reason I went to B&B the day before, to see what else I needed.  I knew hellebores were on the list of plants at the sale.  I took my camera, but didn't take any pictures. The experience was not pleasant.  We got there 20 minutes before the sale started to get in line.  Larry was ready to go to the truck after finding his snail vines, and looking for the items on our son's list.  I had a box filled with my hellebores and a few other plants, so I stood in line with him to get a ticket showing how much to pay, and then get in another line to pay.  Then, I finished my shopping, being bumped into by the hoards of people, and having trouble getting to some of the plants.

Here is the area next to our front porch.  I got all but 2 of the hellebores planted with the other 2 I already purchased for almost 4 times the $5.00 each I paid for these, which are Helleborus X Hybridus (Orientalis), mixed colors.

These are 3 of the new ones.  

This is one of my expensive ones.  I think its name is Mardi Gras.

Going down the line, I'm showing the plant, then a close up of a flower or flowers.

This one is the Party Dress Improved:

This is the flower stem that broke off the previous plant:

I don't know if I'll go back to the plant sale.  When I went to pay for my second load, the lines were long.  When I was next to pay, a volunteer told people there were 3 cashiers, so they could move up and form 3 lines.  People were going around me, because I just stood there.  I had announced that I was next, but no one paid attention.  When the next cashier was ready, I thrust my ticket over some people's box of plants, telling her I was next.  I was glad she realized I was, and didn't serve the cutters first.  People had already been cutting in the other line, too.  I don't like the person that brings out in me.  If I do go next year, it will be a quick get what I need and not try to see all the plants, or else I'll pay the $35 to go to the preview dinner and shopping the evening before.

Now, I need to get back to my blog reading, as soon as I can eke out more time for it!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Favorite Locally Owned Nursery

I actually discovered B&B Greenhouse in the 1970s through Papa Geno's Herbs, who used to rent some of their greenhouses.  Most of the plants for sale are outside, but herbs and other plants are also inside some of the greenhouses.  Annuals are in the areas shown here.  The photos enlarge when clicked on.

Perennials and veggies are shown here:

I got permission to take pictures after I  had most of my shopping done.  Tigger was sitting next to a shopper on the counter where items are paid for.

Mary and Van are the owners, and one or both of them are always there when the place is open, and even when it's not. One of their daughters, whose name I know, but is not coming to my brain, also works there a lot, but wasn't there last night.  Mary, who is walking the other way in the next picture, told me if I want to take pictures of blooms, I should go into the greenhouses.

So, off I went, and enjoyed taking sky pics, too.

There were pansies and violas growing alongside weeds on the edge of this greenhouse, which has the side raised, I assume to regulate temperature or harden off the plants.

There were different set ups and things to see in the different greenhouses. A lot of the plants were either already sold, or not for sale yet, but I was pleased to pick out a couple black and blue salvias.  I saw a hummingbird a few times on the ones I grew last year. 

Mostly sweet alyssums:

Ornamental kale, and I don't remember what else:

Lots of colors of petunias:

Lots of bleeding heart blooms!

Mary walked back to get some plants to carry out.  We saw a robin near the hanging plants, and she said they sometimes make nests there.


Some of these in the next photo will need to be weeded before going out for sale, but the plants are doing well, and some are blooming.  Shortly after I took these, Mary nicely told me they close at 7, if I was ready to come pay.  I knew that, but when I looked at my watch, it was 7:20. Oops!  They were good sports about it, but I felt bad.

Here's Van, (I hope I spelled that right), holding the plants I just paid for.  I had bagged up all the asparagus that was left when I got there, and he told me he could've sold it to a couple other people.  (Van and Mary, if you read this, the first close up photos I took of Mary didn't turn out very well, and Van, I really like this one of you!)

Here's what Mary was doing as I was paying:  

I took these last 2 on my way out.  

This is the shady area where shade plants are sold from:

I took more pictures than these, and had trouble deciding which ones not to include, so I ended up with lots, but am assuming you scrolled by some of them.  :o) Here are my purchases at home:

I love B&B Greenhouses for the variety of plants, some of which are natives, and the fact that you can choose large or small pot sizes.  There are actually more plants in the smaller size.