Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Frosty Spring Morning

I went out out yesterday to do take pictures for a Happy Easter blog post, but took way too many, and couldn't make myself delete enough, so I went out this morning.  I still took too many for one collage. The low was supposed to be 36, but there was frost around.  I felt so bad for the plants, but they've been troupers all along, and it's been down in the 20s several times.  They will enlarge if clicked on.

Have a Blessed Easter!


  1. You found a lot of beauty in your garden for Easter! Your collages are really nice.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful collages, and I like that dog, too! Happy Easter to you Sue!

  3. Sue ! You are in zone 5b too ? .. but you have way more growth than I do .. I htink we have a slight variation in our zone definitions .. that could explain it .. so you would be more a zone 6 if you were Canadian eh ? haha
    Sorry to hear you are having such issues with your build projects .. it seems they are all out to get home owners one way or another at times !!! aaarrrggghh !!
    Have a great Easter weekend girl !

  4. Wonderful flowers for Easter and spring. They have withstood well. Happy Easter!

  5. Thanks for your comments! I think I was able to visit your blogs today, too.

  6. Oh Sue, how frustrating to have those spring freezes~~we bring out the old sheets and cover things when they hit the south! It must look silly when out of towners drive bu the gardens covered with sheets. Your spring Easter collages are wonderful...Thank you. Happy Easter to you, too. gail

  7. Happy Easter to you, love the collage.......

  8. Lovely pictures.
    A blessed Easter to you too.


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