Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Hodge Podge Post

The first two pics were taken today.  I don't remember what kind of tulips these are, but yesterday, only one was open.

Basket of Gold:

The next few are from yesterday's yard walk.  (Heidi is on the left side of the pic.)

The peonies grew from a few inches to this size in a few days, too fast for me to get my supports put in place.  The 2 hellebores are on each end of the back of the bed by the house.  They will get shade when the tree leafs out, which it is in the process of doing.  There is a row of coral bells across the front of the top bed.  The lower ground cover is the dreaded lamium some have called a thug.  I've managed to keep it, the lambs' ears, and lily of the valley within the space I give them.  There are a couple clumps of painter's pallete and a few odds and ends growing there, too.

This is the bed on the east side of the house.  The plants are out of the egress window, and I hope to post on which survived, and which didn't.

I've decided these mystery plants, to the right front, are the poppies I thought I'd dug up, or maybe they are ones that didn't come up last year.  To its left and going around clockwise are wallflower, iris, daisy, some kind of cone flower, and the Dutch irises I planted last fall, that haven't bloomed yet.

Now, this is what I went out to take pics of today!  I was very upset when I drove by my new daffodils, and saw only one clump of flowers on it.  As I was walking out, I figured if there were still stems on them, it was a critter that ate them, but if there were no stems, some rude person cut them for themselves.

Did you notice that it was neither of my theories?  The poor things had wilted and fallen down.

Here's the brave one that was still holding its head up:

Here's the culprit:

We've gone from highs in the 50s and 60s to record and near record highs.  I've had a cold, which has caused my asthma to flare up, so it was too hot for me to garden after work today.  I am hoping to go out soon, as it is supposed to rain this weekend.  I am pleased that the stems came back up when the tree gave them shade from the west.  The flowers don't look in very good shape, though.

Here is an amsonia coming up, that Tom was wanting me to show:

Here is a shot of the bed that was started last June:

These were some of the bulbs purchased from a neighbor girl to raise money for her cheerleading gear.  This is their second day in bloom.

I think these are money plant, but they could be bells of Ireland.  Do you know what they are?

These blooms on the woodland phlox were not open yesterday.


  1. That warm weather is coming my way! The temperature tomorrow is predicted to be 80 and on Saturday 81. I'm going to wilt like those Jonquils!

  2. Things are filling in quickly there! Don't you just love seeing how much it changes day to day? Do Bells of Ireland reseed? I found some seedlings today that look like they could be a very small version of your mystery seedlings in an area where Bells of Ireland were last year.

  3. Hope you feel better Sue.

    Love your flowers and your house! Very pretty!

  4. We're getting that weather too. What I thought was amsonia turned out to be plain ole obedient plant. Ugh. :)

    Thanks for the picture though. I love the plant.

  5. Nice to see plants blooming.... weather here in Malaysia is about to change.... less rain and more sun... so watering is twice, morning and everning... cheers! ~ bangchik

  6. Everything is coming along nicely at your place. Sorry you feel bad, get better quickly, there is a lot to see this time of the year.

  7. Our weather is warm one day, cool the next. We don't quite know what to wear in the mornings. The plants seem to be doing well though.

  8. It's so exciting to see new blooms! Your flower beds are beautiful!

  9. Sue you have so much going on girl. I love the headboard in the bed. I have an old iron twin size headboard I'll be using. Haven't decided if I'll paint it - it is rust now.

    You have some pretties blooming everywhere. I sure do like that your beds are so large. Have a nice weekend. Try not to get too hot.

  10. I Pray you are feeling better by now. Your flowers are really beautiful. The temps here are like yours, we went from winter to summer.
    Prayers, Bo

  11. Almost 90?! Holy cow. We're getting up to almost 90 tomorrow but that's not too unusual for NC. Unfortunately we're also getting some of the smoke from the SC fires.

    Nice shot of the garden with the house. It looks beautiful!


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