Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do You Know What These Are?


I think these are luneria, money plant seedlings that I sewed late last summer. I'll soon be able to tell if they are bells of Ireland.


Is this a Dutch Iris?

The next two are at my neighbor's.  There are several weeds growing together.  I'm not sure if I'm going to plant anything there, and may just let them grow there.  I bet some critter or other may eat something in there.

There are several small stumps with growth like this.

 Thanks for looking, and if you know what any of them are, please let me know.


  1. The first one is echinacea. At least that's what's coming up where mine were last year.

  2. I agree with Tom, I think the first one is coneflowers. The second no idea. The third maybe salvia or shastas? Maybe Dutch or Siberian irises on the 4th. The next one at first looked like love in a mist seedlings, but on closer inspection I think a weed, perhaps chickweed. The last one has new growth from something you or someone cut down last fall. Maybe a salvia too? Not sure. Time will tell-a fun part of gardening.

  3. Sue, I don't know what they are, but it looks like everything is coming along, Spring is a Beautiful time.
    Prayers, Bo

  4. Wait and be surprised! Also I have no idea!

  5. The second photo looks like squash vegetable seedlings.
    the 3rd photo looks similar to poppies

    I think the 5th photo down looks like sweet woodruff which is a perennial herb and I have that plant so I reconize it.

  6. In the third photo, the plant on the right looks like Oriental poppy to me.

  7. Sorry, Sue, I can't help you out at all. It will be fun to watch them though as they emerge and you get to see what's really growing.

    I have some cuttings in pots that I can't remember what they are... I thought for sure when I put them in there I wouldn't 'forget' but now that I've moved them around a couple of times and gotten them all mixed up I'm having to wait until the leaves come on better to know what it was I snipped and put in those pots.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  8. I too think number 5 is sweet woodruff. The last one could be Phlox 'David.' Mine are a similar bright green. Number 3 is two different plants. Notice the leaves on the right clump are more serrated--probably a poppy. The left one is a mystery to me.

    Hope this helps. If not, in a few months all will be known.

  9. Oh good grief! I have no idea, but I'm impressed so many other commenters have ideas when the plants are so small! I need a tag hanging off a plan to tell what it is, I'm afraid.

  10. Purple coneflower the first one, I agree with the first two commenters.

  11. Thanks for your comments! I can't remember if I planted a coneflower where the first flower is. Since I have several kinds in the bed, it will be interesting to see what the flowers look like. Does it look like it came from seeds, though? It's a good sized plant.

    I think the second is money plant. I need to be thinning them.

    The answers for the 3rd were interesting. I didn't realize it was 2 different kinds of plants. I took some more pics that I plan to post in a few minutes.

    I was hoping the next one was the Dutch iris I planted.

    I'll have to look up sweet woodruff.

    The last one may be some kind of tree or bush. It is growing from a little stump, and there are several of those in the area.

    Thanks again for visiting, whether you knew what the plants were or not.

  12. Sue, your first one looks like a returning coneflower. Did you plant seeds last year? That's what my second year plants look like. They didn't bloom the first year. I hope they bloom this year.

  13. Tom, I have been going through the pics of last year to see if I could figure any of the plants out. I am up to the end of July. There is a chance the light colored ones could be straw flowers, but I'm not sure.

    I moved the 2 we think are coneflowers. I didn't plant seeds, but the plants may have.


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