Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Yard Walk, Anticipating a Change in the Weather

I have just added the 3 pictures I forgot to include when I first posted a few minutes ago.  The hellebore I planted is in the lower right, and seems to be doing fine.  I covered it with a large bowl a few nights when it got below 25 degrees.  

Here's a larger view of the bed.  The coral bells green up a little later in the season.

The clematises are starting to grow, too.  This one in front of the porch has pretty blue flowers.

It got up to 62 today, but tomorrow, we are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow.  Heidi and I went out, and I took lots of pics, and then I didn't want to delete enough to make a post, so we went back out, and took some different ones, then deleted until there was a manageable number for a post.  These will enlarge if clicked on.

When I saw this sparrow on the fence, my larger view finder was not working, so I had to guess at where the bird was, and didn't use the zoom.

There are several daffodils in the yard getting ready to bloom.  I wonder if I put a bucket over them, if it would protect them from the snow.  The catmint in the lower left is growing.

The hyacinths look almost ready to open.  I imagine if they get snowed on, they will be finished for the season.  Do any of you have experience with protecting bulbs from the snow?

I thought I had Dutch or German iris about to bloom in my previous yard walk, but they turned out to be these little blue flowers that I think are chindoxias.  The green spiky plants behind them must be the iris.

The next photo shows clumps of the little blue flowers.  I hope the irises bloom.  The daisies are greening up nicely.

I am so excited to see the Wally daylily growing!

The pink blooming tulips don't seem to have buds yet, so hopefully, they will still bloom if they get snowed on.  There is another day lily clump, and what I think are a bellflower and a balloon flower that I moved out of the front planter.  Oh, I just remembered the reason I included this pic, one of the several returning delphiniums is in the lower right.

Here we have, iris, pasque flower, which I just found out is poisonous, little red spiderwort plants  poking through, and on the far right are a day lily, and an amsonia that is not green yet.

Two Close-ups of pasque flower:

Now,  maybe these lovely blooms will open tomorrow, and I will break down and cut them to bring inside.  I don't think I've done that before, but the ones others bring in look pretty in vases.  The plant next to this is a blue perennial bachelor button.

This is a different clump.  These flowers are a little differently shaped than my others.

Larry doesn't know I caught him in action, untangling or putting up a wind chime.  He really is good at placing things around.  Aren't these pots I put in the basket cute on the bench?  I had bought the rolls of barbed wire for our daughter and I to try making crafts with, but he had other ideas, and I liked them, so it's all good.  I do move things around when I have a reason to, like to support a plant.  I'll be moving things from around the shed to put some plants in.


  1. the basket with pots looks so cute on the bench, looks like everything is coming right along, I'm doing all my visiting tonight because I will be in the yard the rest of the weekend

  2. Hi Sue~~ I love your photos. Plants are popping up despite the fickle weather. It's cool that your hubby likes to help in the garden. I hope the snowfall is brief. I don't think snow will ruin bulb flowers but I'm not sure. Good luck.

  3. I see HOPE in your garden... love the new green that has arrived.
    Happy Spring to you. I just put some new pansy start plants under my dogwood. STop by and take a photo!

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful sunny day -- seems hard to believe that will soon be covered in snow. I wonder how much will stick.

    Love your pasqueflower! I have always thought they are so beautiful.

  5. I love all your pictures! I think it's great that your husband helps with bird feeders and wind chimes. I can't believe you're going from 62 degrees to snow! Hope your plants all do okay.

  6. Deb,
    Have fun in the garden this weekend!

    He likes to putter and mow, and that's enough for me. I don't like to share my dirt space.

    There is new green. I'm still seeing new things every day. That pansy of yours is pretty!

    Sweet Bay,
    Yes, it was a beautiful day. I had surgery on my finger that hasn't healed, so hated it that I couldn't plant some things before the snow comes. I hope we don't get the 2 to 4 inches they say we could get.

    Happy Spring!

  7. Thanks, Catherine, I was posting without refreshing the page, so missed your comment. I hope Larry filled the feeders this afternoon so the birds will have food when it turns cold tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ah, the trials of living in the Midwest. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow as well. I'm never sure what to do with my flowering or almost flowering plants either. The little blue flowers are chionodoxa or glory of the snow. It's a flower that's got a great name.

  9. Sue, my daffs were blooming in February when we got 4" of snow at the end of the month. They were okay after it melted. It was a light, powdery snow so that might have made a difference. Hopefully, yours will be okay as well. I only had one hyacinth bloom this year and it was pitiful so I can't help you much with those.

  10. morning sue...looks like things are coming along in the garden. you have so much and i am so looking forward to seeing it grow in the months ahead.
    have a great day.

  11. Hi Sue, Don't even worry about the bulbs. They'll come thru ok, maybe a bit bent over but they'll still bloom. I like your fence very much.

  12. Everything in your yard seems to be further ahead than mine (and we're in the same zone)!

    Nice photos- but there was only a glimpse of Heidi in one of them!

  13. I bet your yard is really something as things take off! Love all your backdrops.
    I will be back...

  14. Jill, Thanks for the confirmation and correct spelling of my little blue flowers. I'll try to get a pic of them in the wnow, if it comes. I'm starting to think it may miss us.

    There was a garden show on the radio this morning, and they said the bulbs would still bloom after the snow, and that the snow would provide insulation for protection from a couple cold nights coming up. They didn't like my idea of putting a plastic bucket over any plants, but said if I wanted to cover them use cloth or a box with a blanket over it.

    Tom,Thanks for letting me know about your experience with bulbs in the snow. I imagine your weather is getting warmer. Last I remember, it was raining there.

    Good Life, I can't remember if you use your name on your blog, thanks for stopping by and encouraging me.

    Thanks Tina, It sounds like I have more to worry about the cold than the snow. I remember flowers losing buds in the past, but it must not have been from the snow.

    Laura, I identified with your post on zone envy. Now that you have a daff in bloom, you should be seeing new things popping up on a regular basis. I included the photo with Heidi in it so she'd be a part of the post. I'm glad you noticed her.

    Thanks Carla, I like to fill spaces, inside and out.

  15. Everything is coming up, don't you just love spring time? I find the bulbs to be snow hardy.

  16. Hasn't this been a crazy spring? Looks like lots of green coming up at your place. The pasque flower is so pretty. I think it is also called Pulsatilla?

  17. Bless your heart, Sue, I Pray the snow doesn't do damage to your beautiful plants, they are really looking good.
    Prayers, Bo

  18. You have so many colourful plants in your corner garden, I just admire how they grow so well in your surroundings.

  19. Outside In, It didn't snow after all, but now we are supposed to get down to 20 tonight. I am so excited that we are supposed to get more seasonal temps after tonight.

    Connie, There is new growth every day, in spite of the crazy weather. I think my plants are in denial. They like the sun they are getting, and the longer days. Yes, the pasque is also called that.

    Bo, Thanks for the kind words, and now, I hope things do OK with the cold tonight.

    FJL, We grow some things that are the same, but a lot are different, too. It's fun to see gardens all over the world!


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