Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still Anticipating Change in Weather

It got into the 50s today, and rained late this afternoon.  There is an 80% chance of precipitation tonight, and it is supposed to change into snow between 6 and 8 a.m. I had noticed a few more buds, so decided to get pics of them.  I was amazed at how great the plants looked, like they appreciated the rain.  I noticed even more buds, and some flowers were open that hadn't been earlier in the day.  

I tried something new here, and chose to post medium sized pics, and put them in pairs on the left and right.  They were showing up that way in "compose", but when I previewed the post, they didn't show up that way.  I'm hoping when I actually post, they will line up.  The pics will enlarge if clicked on.

The hyacinths are starting to open up.  I picked a couple to see if they'll open in the house.  Next, is creeping phlox.

Next pictured is either dianthus or sweet William.

I had been looking, but didn't see the grape hyacinths blooming until this afternoon.

The prairie smoke geum has buds, and I didn't know the red tulip was ready to bloom.  There are several daffodils that opened up after the rain, and I'm tickled the woodland phlox has buds. I moved it from the tub it's been growing in.


  1. LOOKING GOOD !!!!!!
    I hope you got them protected someway.
    Prayers, Bo

  2. Dear Sue,
    Your Spring is looking so pretty. My flowers always love the rains...we also are to have cold temperatures and rain changing to snow on MOnday....I will be happy when the warm temps stay. It was 70 degrees this afternoon but so windy.
    Stay dry and warm.
    Thanks for a walk in your Spring.

  3. Oh so pretty...what a nice selection. Love the grape hyacinths.

  4. I love watching plants wake up at the end of winter. If you find time, can you post a picture of your amsonia? I have a plant that I think may be amsonia. I'd like to see what it looks like in early spring. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Susan, everything is looking good. Your garden looks as though it is about as far along as mine. I am outside every opportunity I get, cheering the plants along. *grin*

  6. Sue, what is the daffodil in the next to last picture?

  7. I have had the same problem with getting the pictures to line up when I use the medium size. I'm thinking of giving up and just posting large photos. We'll see.

  8. So very pretty, Sue ! I dont have any of these flowers growing anywhere near where I live, so I'll just enjoy them at your blog :)

  9. Thanks for the comments. It's 32 and snowing, but the snow is melting before it can accumulate so far. Last I heard, they were predicting an inch here.

    Bo, I decided not to protect them yet, as the temps aren't too low.

    Sherry, maybe you won't get as much as you were supposed to, either.

    Thanks, Patsi, I'm glad I discovered the grapes blooming yesterday. I didn't do a good job getting last year's foliage cleaned out.

    Tom, if you click on the links in my sidebar, there are pics of the amsonias in early spring. I don't think they are coming up yet. I have a different camera this year, so if you still aren't sure, I can post better ones, or you can post one, and I can look at it to see if I can tell that's what it is. (The 3 kinds in my yard have leaves that are different from each other.)

    Keewee, I can identify with your cheering your plants on. I've been talking to mine, too, greeting them when I see they've joined in the fun by coming up.

    Sweet Bay, I don't know the names of any of my daffs, because I have been bad about keeping track of varieties of plants. I have started saving tags in the same spot in an effort to keep better track of what I have.

    Laura, it would be helpful if things looked the same while composing, in preview, and on the actual post.

    LOL Sunita, your flowers seem amazing, exotic and beautiful to me.

    I love seeing everyones' blooms through blogging! I hope you are having a great weekend, and can soon be out digging if you aren't yet.

  10. Looks like it's all happening all of a sudden in your garden.

    I know what you mean about the frustrations of getting Blogger to do what you want!

  11. Sue,

    Don't you just love bringing your pretty flowers inside to brighten up the house! Such pretty flowers

  12. Hi Linda, it's supposed to get down to 20 tonight, then warm up to more seasonable temps with highs in the upper 50s, and lows in the 30s. My pants are growing, though, even in the cold.

    Deb, I don't usually bring flowers in as much as I think I am going to, but these have opened up so nicely, and make the room smell wonderful! Now, I hope they open up outside, soon.

  13. Great photos Sue!

    Has your snow melted yet? Ours is almost gone, we got about 3 or 4 inches yesterday. Your garden is way ahead of mine, I only have a few crocus in bloom.

  14. Iowa,
    Our snow melted as soon as it hit the ground, so we didn't have any accumulation. I'm surprised you ended up with several inches. It's good that it's melting. It's supposed to get down to 20 tonight, but then warm to more seasonal temps.

    Our crocus are finished, but now the daffs and hyacinths are coming on.


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