Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Daffodils

I took lots of pics on today's yard walk, and was going to have a "Happy Earth Day" post with them, but after gardening until dark, I did not have time to put it together.  I can't remember which blogger talked about what I think was jonquils having more than one flower on a stem.  I said I thought I had something like that, and today, saw that it was in bud.

I can't remember why I looked out again after dark, but saw that the buds were open.  I haven't read my instruction manual on how to take pictures in the dark for awhile, so don't remember what it said.  I messed around with editing these to make the blooms more visible.  

Here's an attempt to be "artsy".  So much for an earth day post.  LOL

So, if it was you, or you know about these, let me know if they are jonquils.  I could look it up, and may tomorrow, but now, I need to make myself call it a day.  (It was in the 80s today, the first time since October, and is supposed to be tomorrow, then go back to more seasonal temps.)

Happy Gardening!


  1. You did a great artwork on the last photo, Sue. Perfect!

  2. Very nice photo at the bottom.

  3. Artsy is fun once in a while. I know the feeling of working in the garden all day and not having time to take photos.

  4. Sue it is fun once in a while to get that perfect artsy shot.

  5. I like what you did with the last picture.

    Those could be in the jonquil class. They tend to have bunches of small fragrant flowers.

  6. I like how the last one turned out. I bet they look pretty all in bloom.

  7. Hey Sue, I LOVE your 'artsy' photo. It's amazing, girl;-0

    Sounds like you've been having a heatwave! Great weather for really getting out and digging, planting and bonding with mother nature!

  8. Hi Sue~~ I checked my Brent and Becky's bulb catalog. The closest photo to your lovelies is Narcissus 'Cheerfulness.' The catalog reads:

    "Creamy white flowers with yellow flecks in its roselike center; this heirloom cultivar has 2-3 florets per stem and has a sweet, musky fragrance. 14-16 inches. Late spring bloom."


  9. Hi Sue! Those cameras! They like to mess with us!
    I have been playing around with see if I can use the special were having fun with the last one and it looks cool! Have a great day~gail


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