Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 2017 Wildflower Wednesday

After a few days of the 60s and 70s, we are now having 50s for highs, and there is a chance it will get down to 32 tonight.  I had forgotten to take photos to participate in Gail's, from Clay and Limestone Wildflower Wednesday, so I put a jacket on this morning and ventured out.

I had in mind to feature Fremont's Clematis.  I ended up posting a few others that are blooming now as well.  Jon Farrar's Field Guide to Wildflowers of Nebraska and the Great Plains said that Clematis fremontt is found only in extreme south-central Nebraska, north central Kansas, and east-central Missouri.

Its foliage is a bit different from other clematises.  I love the flower buds!

At a local plant sale, I got involved in someone else's conversation when I overheard them talking about this plant, and how the blooms vary from plant to plant.  Yes, I have found that to be true!

My plants tend to sprawl, and I sometimes tie them at the base.  I haven't done that yet.

They look pretty cool after the blooms are spent as well.

 This is a younger plant.  The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center shows a wider distribution than the book, probably because the book is about Nebraska and the Great Plains.

Some of the plants have this thicker kind of bloom.

Even this younger plant has the thicker blooms.

Gail, I am tickled that we have the Golden Alexanders in common.  This one is on the east side of our house.

Most of them are not yet blooming, but for some reason, the younger ones are ahead of the established clumps.  I have a lot of them dug up to share with others.

Heuchera richardsonii is one of my favorites, and is almost evergreen.

I believe this is Geranium maculatum.  I see Nebraska is not one of the states it is native to, though.

I used to have some non-native columbines, which bred with the native ones.  All of the other colors are now gone, but I'm wondering if these blooms are a bit larger than the native ones that have not mixed with other kinds.  There sure is a nice stand of them this year!

The Virginia waterleaf, a shade plant is starting to bloom.  I try to get the plants deadheaded before they can seed around.  I just noticed that these are of benefit to bumble bees.  I also noticed they are supposed to be divided in fall, but I have shared them successfully in the spring.

Well, it looks like I will get this posted before the day is over!  I am tickled it is spring, and we have blooms!  I hope once we get over this cold night, the weather will warm up again.