Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wildflower Wednesday!

I missed last month's Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail, and wow, what changes have taken place since January!  Spring is here, and I have been working to cut back last year's growth on plants, and taking the stems to piles I have across the street, just in case there are insects in them.  I need to get more of the leaves raked, but want to leave a few.  I also have a nice sized pile of leaves across the street for my grandchildren to jump on.

Speaking of grandchildren, the boys, 5 and 9 have not been prone to pick and eat the plants, but our granddaughter, who will be 3 in June, and is here four days a week, has been picking things, and so far, I have been quick enough not to let her swallow the thing or two she has gotten to her mouth.  I am needing to do more research to find out which plants are poisonous.  I have hoed out all of the larkspur that has come up so far in the vegetable, except for one plant.  That, she did almost get into her mouth the other day.  Here is a link I have found so far:

Can you see the purple in all of the brown?

I found out that some pasque flowers are native to our area, and some are not.  I am not sure, which are which, but am thinking it is the lighter ones to the left of the prairie phlox in the cage to protect the foliage from rabbits.  The close up of the deep purple clump is out of order, at the end of the post.

I didn't see this little bloomer until I looked at the photos!  It may be rue anemone.

I am excited for a new season, and to see more and more plants coming up, blooming, and seeing the pollinators on them!

There are blooms in this photo.  I'll show them closer in the next one.

I'm not sure what the little seedling is in the middle of the pasqueflower blooms.

Here is the close up of the prettiest clump of pasqueflowers.

Prairie Smoke Geums are one of my favorites.

I look forward to seeing what wildflowers others post about, and what all we will have for next month's Wildflower Wednesday. 

Added after first posting:  Last night, when I took Ruby to her mom, I asked her if she remembers picking raspberries from the garden and eating them last summer.  She said she did, and they were, "So good, so yummy!"  I asked if she remembers picking kale and eating it, and she said she did.  She also remembered watching the bees and butterflies.  I told her some of the plants are good to eat, but some are not, and she needs to only eat things I say it is OK to eat.  I hope that helped, and that she will follow those directions, since she does not always follow what I say, especially when it is time to put shoes on or change clothes.  ;-)