Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lots of Critters this Week

I have been seeing more and more butterflies.  A dark colored swallowtail of some kind has split the scene whenever I've had my camera out. Other butterflies have hung around, knowing I was out.

The bees are enjoying the Joe Pye weed, since the globe thistles are finished.

From looking at my book, this looks to be a gray hairstreak.  I've seen several the last few days.

I've been seeing huge numbers of skippers.  (Randy E. says this may be a male Sachem Skipper.)

Here's an insect I probably had identified last year, but now, can't remember what it is.

Painted ladies like to come around a lot.

Maybe I should get a guide for dragonflies.  I was so tickled that I was able to get a photo before it flew away from the veggie garden fence.  (Randy Emmit told me this is a Common Whitetail Dragonfly.  Thanks, Randy!)

I've mentioned I'm seeing 2 or more monarchs a day.  Actually, every time I go out, I see them.

The next photos were taken Thursday.

I've seen this kind of butterfly a few times this year.  I wonder if it's a spread wing skipper of some kind.  Do you know?  (Randy E. said he thinks this is a Horace Duskywing.)

I didn't get a good shot of this one before it darted off.  I wonder if it's a checkerspot.  (Randy E. says this is a Checkered Skipper.)

I haven't seen as many honeybees as bumblebees. 

I missed the shot of the squirrel on the neighbor's roof, but saw a dove on the birdbath in time to take a quick photo before it flew off.

I liked this photo of the monarch dancing on the short toothed mountain mint.  I didn't see the butterfly on the right side of the photo until I was editing the photos.  I think it's another gray hairstreak.

The next 2 photos show 2 different monarchs on my oldest butterfly bush.

After I took the above photos, I was surprised to see this hummingbird moth on the agastache, out in the bright sun.  Not only that, but it put up with me taking loads of photos, and even a couple videos.  I had trouble getting clear photos because of how fast it flapped its wings.  I looked it up, and it appears to be a white-lined sphinx moth.

Another painted lady showed up looking lovely.

To see more critters, click on the Camera Critters button on my sidebar.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Sue, such happy activity in your gardens. I'm still waiting on the Monarchs to show up here. The background of your blog matches the color of your home, nice touch. In looking at your header photo, I bet your neighbors love walking/driving by your yard!

  2. Sue, This is no joke, if there were a photo contest for critter shots, you'd be a winner! You've got amazing shots. The last sphinx moth shot is a blue ribbon for sure! Not an easy shot but perfect with the body in focus and the wings slightly blurred. I love it! The monarch on the similar colored milkweed, A+! The black and clear striped dragonfly looks like garden art. The eyeball on the skipper and even the dove at the birdbath, amazing. I bow to you!

  3. Wow, what great shots of beautiful insects. That's hard to do.

    My 1st time to join CC. Have a great weekend!

    My Camera Critter Entry

  4. Lovely pictures, I hope you have a nice weekend/Gela

  5. Sue the photo's are beautiful especially the dragonfly, I just love them ! Your house looks so pretty and the day lillies are one of my favourite flowers. Do you let yours die back naturally or cut them back when they start looking untidy ?? I do the latter and wonder if that's why sometimes they don't do as well some years.

  6. You have the prettiest critters in your garden!! So many butterflies.

  7. Sue,
    Your are right on the Gray Hairstreak. Your dragonfly is a Common Whitetail, the males have caulky white tails. Your brown skipper is likely a Horace's Duskywing, the orange skipper looks to be a male Sachem. The checkered one is a Checkered Skipper. All of these are coveredon my website at

  8. Sue, these are amazing! I've been looking for a good dragonfly field guide, too. There aren't many to choose from. The best one I've found so far was published by our Ohio Dept of Natural Resources, but of course it only covers Ohio species. Perhaps your DNR has a similar publication?

  9. Hi Sue,

    I love this time of year when all the Butterflies are around. My garden literally dances at the moment thanks to the insects fying around.

  10. You have so many lovely photos I don't know which one to comment on 1st.........beautiful. I had a white lined hummingbird moth in my yard recently also and am seeing more butterflys also.

  11. Wonderful photos. I love those Painted Ladies. I don't think we get them down here on the Gulf Coast. Your dragonfly is a Common Whitetail.

    I like to help me identify dragonflies and other bugs I find in the garden.

  12. Wow, super assortment of butterflies, great shots!


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