Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

I haven't been online as much since going back to work as a high school special education paraeducator.  Since I'm still eating soft or liquid food to prevent/reduce jaw pain, it takes longer to get my lunches ready.  Plus, I have been having trouble staying awake on the computer in the evenings.  I am struggling right now, in fact.

I have been going around taking photos for posts that I haven't gotten to.  I remembered today is Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail, of Clay and Limestone, so I went out this evening to take some photos.  Before I post them, I want to tell a little story. 

A couple years ago, I noticed a young man sitting on the curb.  This was before the flowers went clear across the yard.  I went out to see if he was OK.  He stood up right away, and in broken English, apologized, pointed to his wife, who was taking photos of my flowers, and said they would leave.  I told him it's OK for her to take photos.  They stayed a little while, then left.

This evening, while I was taking photos for this post, a woman was walking down the street, and stopped to tell me she likes my flowers.  I asked her if she is the woman who took photos, and she said she was.  I asked her if she understands much English, and she said just a little.  I asked where she was from, thinking it might be South Korea, but she said she is from Vietnam.  She told me where she lives, which is 2 blocks away.  I asked her if her house is one of those with the flowers, and she said it was, and that she loves flowers.  She went around asking me what some of my flowers are, and whether they come back each year.  I wrote whether they were perennials, annuals, or annuals that reseed.  I also put marks by the ones I could share with her in the spring.  By the time we finished, there wasn't enough light left to find more wildflowers to photograph.  Some are about finished blooming anyway, and others are not blooming yet.

The rough goldenrod is just starting to open its buds.

The false sunflowers have had a major deadheading, and are blooming again.

I'm not sure if variegated false sunflowers are wildflowers.  Gail, was it you who wanted some seeds from this?

The boltonias are just starting to open a few buds.

Rattlesnake master looks good all season.  I also wanted to show off the love lies bleeding that is doing so well, even though I don't think it's a wildflower.  There are also a couple dried up drumstick alliums in the mix.

The ironweed is a bit floppy, but the insects and I are enjoying it.

Last I looked, there were 12 entries to Wildflower Wednesday.  That was after work today, so there are probably more by now.  Go check it out.


  1. I'm really enjoying reading all the different entries in this month's Wildflower Wednesday. I'm going to put my own up...on Thursday!

  2. Perhaps you have made a gardening friend. I like stories like this. Wonder if the love lies bleeding will grow here? Do they get little black seeds in the pink plumes like celosia?

  3. How neat to have that lady take pictures and come back to enjoy your flowers and that she lives close and grows flowers too. Your garden has no doubt inspired her and I'm sure the info you gave her about your plants will be a big help. Your flowers look great as always.

    I must have missed why you are having jaw pain so will have to back track to catch up. Hope you are soon feeling better.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Good morning ladies,
    I'll have to pay attention to whether there are seeds in the love lies bleeding like celosias. I can send you some, if you'd like, Darla. I haven't deadheaded at all yet, so you'd think there would be some seeds forming in the first blooms.

    FlowerLady, I've been having pain that, after looking things up, decided was TMJD related. I saw a specialist yesterday, who is a professor at our dental collage. The professors there have their own clinic one can go to. When I talked about a filling that had come out and been "fixed" for free, he did a special ex-ray of that area, and found it needs to be redone. He said that could be causing the pain. Still, I have bruxism, and he is going to fit me for a night guard once I get the area where 2 teeth overlap re-filled. I may do a non garden post, and ask people's opinion on whether I should go back where they may do it for free, or find another dentist.

  5. How wonderful to meet a neighbor who enjoys your garden! Although we plant a garden for our own enjoyment, it's always nice to know that someone else appreciates our efforts, too. I'm sure your neighbor enjoyed the tour and so appreciates your offers of seeds and passalongs.

    All your wildflowers are perfect for this Wildflower Wednesday, Sue. I didn't realize you had ironweed as well; I've only seen this in local prairie plantings. It's really a stunner in the fall.

    Hope you get some relief from your jaw problems soon.

  6. Looks wonderful...I REALLY love your Rattlesnake's so unusual, but really cottagey at the same time...really lovely form!

  7. How nice to meet and help out a gardening neighbor.
    Love my false sunflowers....haven't I will.

  8. Hi Sue, I didn't know you returned to work. I am especially honored that you joined the meme when you are pooped. The story was wonderful~Isn't this why we garden and you've made a new garden friend in the process. I can't recall if I wanted seeds, but anything variegated would be wonderful~Thank you, gail

  9. What a neat story. I have been fighting drought-like conditions here in Houston for 4 weeks and my yard and flowers (in my mind) look so sad.
    Yet, just as I was going in from watering last night, a girl on a bike was zooming by and yelled out, "Nice plants. I like your yard!"
    Isn't is so nice to have a neighbor who notices?
    I'm also a teacher and returned to work this week. Falling asleep at the computer...hmmm...I haven't done that yet, but I've noticed I'm not very sharp with the plant names just now. And Latin names...forget it! I have to look every thing up.
    Nice to see a fellow educator is keeping a garden blog. I love yours BTW!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)
    Just think, tomorrow is Friday!!! Hang in there!

  10. Sue, that is one of the reasons we love to garden; having others appreciate what we do and then the ultimate, to share.

    I am sorry you are still having the jaw pain. I think I would go to a 'regular' dentist this time.

    I am facing a similar thing with eyeglasses. I have been to cheaper (by far) places before this last one and need to go again. When I mentioned I might not go to the expensive place that is a long drive, several family memebers, including my husband, reminded me I had zero complaints with the expensive place. No falling out lenses, better frames, better fittting, etc.
    It may be the old we get what we pay for thing in action.

    Good luck whatever you choose to do.

    Happy working.


  11. I love to talk to neighbors about gardening! THat's quite a compliment that they were out there taking photos in your garden - wow! How cool that you may have a new neighbor to share perennials with.

  12. It was so nice reading your story. It is amazing how flowers can span generations and culture. New and lifelong friends are often made through gardening. You probably made an new friend and also gave her valuable gardening tips.

    Sorry to hear you are having a bit of health problems,I hope to see your posts again soon.

  13. your garden looks gerat with all the flowers you have. The rattlesnake masters are really awesome.It's my first time to see a plant like that. Where did you get its seed and how many eyars did you tackle growing a plant such like this?


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