Thursday, August 12, 2010

Short Video of a Monarch

I have been seeing a number of butterflies and other insects this week.  A couple have eluded getting their photos taken, but I keep trying.  I am continuing to see a couple of monarchs daily.  It's fun watching them.  The video I'm posting is 27 seconds.  I've tried to post videos lately, and couldn't get them to upload.  I'm trying this short one to see if that makes a difference.

It worked!  Have a great Friday!  I go back to work tomorrow, after having the summer off.  My house will be cleaner than it usually has been when I go back, but I'm disappointed with the vegetable gardens, mostly due to the weather and critter damage.  The flowers are getting stressed from all the heat, and a few have died this summer.  Already, I am starting to think about next spring, and what I want to plant in the holes.  Still, the black eyed Susans and goldenrods are looking good, and cheering me up.


  1. What a good idea Sue, these flying flowers are hard to capture. I've only seen a few this summer and they've been very skittish. ;)

  2. Butterflies are so hard to photograph--the video is a great idea! I've seen so many butterflies this year, too, and more Monarchs than I've seen in years. Right now I'm enjoying them more than my flowers which are wilting in the heat:)

  3. I love the video. I stood this morning trying to catch the open wings while they ate at the fruit bar. Not easy. I never thought of a video. I will try that.

    It is about this time of year, that I just give up on gardening.

  4. I too have been enjoying the butterflies this summer. So very hot here too...Stay cool.

  5. Pretty good clip.
    Short and sweet !!!

  6. Hi Sue, Yes it worked and beautifully too. The Monarch looks like it is freshly hatched and testing its wings. What a great honor to have such loveliness gracing your garden!

    Enjoy your final free days.

  7. That's a lovely video and a beautiful butterfly.
    An English Girl Rambles

  8. cool! Enjoy your year. I'm a school counselor so I work part time during the summer. I go back full time in 2 weeks (the dread and countdown has begun)

  9. Great video! We've had some butterflies this summer, but not as many as usual.


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