Monday, July 19, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

I have some blooms to link to Bloomin' Tuesday, hosted by Ms. Greenthumb Jean.   I see she's started her list, so I'm going to go see who else has posted some blooms.  I see Jean is featuring coneflowers.

This photo was taken the 17th.  I was excited to see there would soon be blooms on this Hibiscus 'M. Baltimore Hybrids', large flowered hibiscus.  The tag showed different colors of blooms, so I didn't know what color this was going to be until it bloomed last year.

There have been a number of us bloggers saying that we talk to our plants.  Well, when I walked out the morning of the 18th, and saw a couple blooms open, I ran over and gushed how pleased I was that the flowers were open, how lovely they were, welcome to the party, etc.  Then, I went in and got my camera.

When I went out this morning, this is what I saw.  I forgot the blooms only last about a day.

There was another bloom open, and some more ready to open up.

Here are some blooms that I don't think I've posted this year yet.  The anise hyssop has spread by seed, and is blooming.  I did dig some up, because they came up too thick.

I've mentioned that even if I don't get much gardening done in a day, I do manage to go out each morning, shortly after it gets light out to deadhead and pull a few weeds.  Well, here is one I missed.  When I was a girl, I didn't know this was a weed, (bindweed) when I admired it growing on fences while I walked to school.

It looks like I planted 3 kinds of lisianthus.  I forgot to look for the tag for this one.  I'll try to do that later.

The datura, moonflower is full of blooms.  I need to deadhead it to reduce the number of new plants coming up next year.

There seem to be lots of white flowers in bloom right now.  I had trouble getting a good photo of the phlox.  I'm thinking this is 'David'.

The four o' clocks are blooming.  I have these and some pink ones that have been coming back from seed for a number of years.

The morning glories are blooming a bit later than usual. 

I am noticing the days getting shorter, and many of the flowers I longed to see bloom have now finished blooming.  I am starting to think of changes I want to make for next year.  Where has this summer gone?  The weather sure has been different.  I wonder what the next season will bring.


  1. Looks like we have a lot of the same plants. My morning glories haven't started bloomin yet though. The anise hyssop is doing great for me though and really blooming nicely. I never realised about the anise smell when you break the leaves until this year. I just love that plant.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for your comment on my post. I hope you subscribed to follow-up comments either here, or on Jean's blog. I couldn't get to your blog on her link, or from here, when I clicked on your name. I wonder why.

  3. Love your house and corner lot, more room for plants...yeah! I tried Hibiscus once, it froze over the winter and I never planted another one. Their flowers are gorgeous, might have to try that again. Do you winter them over in the ground? Your part of the woods gets a lot colder than Oregon, some plants can take the cold but here it is too wet for them. Your flowers are beautiful. Been a long time since I was in Omaha, my parents had friends there we visited a few times on our way to S. D.

  4. I've loved walking through your garden...
    Four o'clocks fascinated me as a child. My mother's garden is the only place I've ever seen them. I need to plant some. :)

  5. They just don't make an ugly hibiscus do they? Very nice show today. I gasped when I read the days are getting shorter, sigh.

  6. Beautiful hibiscus! I also love the blue morning glories and the moonflower. I have tried before to get them to grow up one of my arbors, but have not been successful. Maybe I will try again next year.

  7. I love to stroll through your 'garden'... it's so pretty and all the blooms look happy there.. I live in such a hot tropical area and the summers here tend to wilt all my flowers.. it's a winter growing season in sofla...I love the north for gardens much better... very nice!

  8. I think blogger deleted my first comment, oh well. Pretty shade of pink on that Hibiscus. I forgot to post a pic of my Four o'Clocks, their bright pink & yellow. I like the color of yours too. :)

  9. I love the hisbiscus too. I have several and I let them seed and I get wonderful surprises. This year is was a pale pink with no eye. Mine are hibiscus moscheutos all started from seed.

  10. de head the hibiscus for a longer blooming season- I'm sure you are

    "Planting offers a more lasting pleasure than building"--shenstone

  11. Beautiful hibiscus. The flower looks gigantic and heavy.... and yet gorgeous. ~bangchik

  12. I can't wait for my hibiscus to bloom. Yours is gorgeous! My morning glories are just starting to bloom too (a bit late). I always look forward to your posts -- your yard is so lush and pretty!

  13. Wow, my Hibiscus are a way from opening, but it's also true they may not be in an optimally sunny location.

  14. What a gorgeous shot of your hibiscus! All white flowers are so hard to photograph. Yours do look great. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  15. Your Hibiscus is stunning. I haven't had one in years--I really need to remedy that! I have 4 O'clocks too--don't they smell wonderful in the late afternoon? My Heavenly Blues haven't come up this year, but Grandpa Ott is always reliable--although it was later than usual. Funny how it has affected us the same way even though we are in such different zones.

    Your garden is amazing. Everything looks so healthy and happy.

  16. Sue everything is blooming nicely in your gardens. Very colorful.

    Blogger is giving me fits today.

  17. I love hibiscus. I have one that has been producing blooms every day for the last 2 months. It is great. I wish the blooms lasted longer than a day though.

  18. The Hibiscus is so pretty, it must have liked the way you talked to it. I also used to think bindweed looked pretty growing up fences, it wasn't til I had my own garden that I realized it wasn't a good one to have around. I was just noticing tonight that it's getting darker earlier. We had such a cold and rainy beginning of the summer that I feel a little gypped by the shorter days.

  19. I do wish hibiscus flowers lasted longer than a day! Mine is an apricot color, and lovely indeed. I do think bindweed is kind of pretty, even if it is a weed. I hope my anise hyssop does seed itself around, because it's kind of small and lonely.

  20. ha ha ha!! Did you really say welcome to the party?!

    The hibiscus are gorgeous! I see these blooming all around and they're so freaking crazy with their showiness.

    The more I see from your photos, the more I love your little corner of Nebraska. Looks like a great place to live.

  21. That is one huge Hibiscus bloom, gorgeous. Luv the color.

    I planted some Moonflower seeds back in late spring. Only a few distorted looking leaves came up. Yours a great.

    My phlox 'David' aren't blooming yet. Hope they look as nice as yours do. I planted them last fall.

    Thanks for coming by my blog a while back to check on me.


  22. I love seeing the flowers blooming in your garden. The blossoms on that hibiscus are gigantic!

  23. Hello Sue,
    Oh, I do enjoy seeing white flowers and that hibiscus! wow. What a beauty. Made me think I was here instead of there. :-) All your flowers are a delight to see. Your corner garden in the header is nice, too.

    Our days are not showing any signs of getting shorter yet. Still have another month or two of summer days and nights for certain. When we make it through till the end of September the garden will sigh some relief from the heat. So different than your climate. Enjoy your day. So nice to visit with you ... it's been too long since I've stopped by. I've appreciated every one of your visits to Hoe and Shovel.


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