Friday, July 23, 2010

Flowers for Friday

I've been so busy this summer trying to keep up with gardening and housework, that I haven't done much else.  The Special Olympics National Games have been in my city this week, and I managed to go to a few of the events Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was disappointed not many other locals took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  I wish I'd have had my camera there.  Well, I did on Thursday, but then remembered the batteries were low, so I left it in the car.  I did get it out when I saw a butterfly.  I'll post the butterfly Saturday.  (I got some event  photos taken with my cell phone, but haven't looked at them to see if you can see what's going on in them.)

I going to have fewer photos than usual this week for Tootsie's Flaunt your Flowers/Fertilizer Friday.  I am sad that the daylilies are almost finished, but some of the annuals are finally starting to grow and bloom.  Some of the goldenrods are blooming, too, and the rest are forming buds.  The asters are forming buds, too, but they hold on to theirs awhile before they open.

The phlox, 'Orange Perfection' is blooming later than last year.  It almost looks orange in this photo.  The first time I saw it bloom, I thought it had come with the wrong tag.  When I looked it up, I saw it's not really so orange.

I did make it to a few garage sales last Friday, and this hen is one of the things I got for the yard.  It has a nice little drinking area for critters.  I wonder if you're supposed to put bird seeds there.  The annual black eyed Susan is blooming nicely.  The German statice looks good, even when it gets dry.  I had enough to cut for drying inside, and still have some for color in the garden.  It looks like I need to deadhead the Veronica.

I planted flower seeds in some of the tubs to save money, then got impatient and planted other things in them.  I was glad to see this gomphrena up awhile back, and now, it is blooming, quite close to the strawflowers I planted.

Some of the strawflower blooms are past the point to pick for drying.  I need to get out there and harvest them.  I use the blooms in baskets or other containers, and put other dried flowers in with them.  The gomphrena is in the lower left corner of this photo.  I'm glad I had extra sweet potatoes to plant in some of the tubs, because most of the ones I put in the ground were eaten by rabbits, and now, they've discovered the ones they had missed. I need to get the little fence material I got at a garage sale up around them.  I actually have some of it next to the fence, but need to do the rest of it.

Larry got some snail, also called corkscrew vines one year, and ever since, has gotten 3 or more of them every year.  He loves them, and I don't mind them.  The problem is that the lows need to be around 60 or else they don't do well.  Some years, they get a disease and don't do well no matter what the temps are.  When they do well, they are quite pretty.  I told him to just get 2 this year, but he got 3.  I put 2 in this pot, and one is in a hanging container.  This is the one in the back yard, with 2 plants in a pot.  These are the first blooms, so I don't know yet if this will be a good year for them.  They had to spend a lot of time in the house before it was warm enough to be outside this spring. 

The love lies bleeding has grown tall enough for the flowers to drape over the leaf burner dealy instead of growing inside it.  I got this hibiscus deadheaded yesterday. 

Well, each week there is always something different going on at Tootsie Time.  Go check it out, and find out what else is blooming in others' gardens.


  1. Your garage sale hen looks good. Water or seed, I'd say.

    Larry's snail/corkscrew vines look fascinating. I've never heard of them before.

    Luv the red watering can in the last photo. Sure beats my drab green one.

    My son and family left NE Wisconsin at 8 last night and drove straight through to some place in NE Nebraska. On their way to CO to visit the Grand Canyon and then on to NV and the Hoover Dam.


  2. colors superb Tropical Storm Bonnie is our 4th little rain of the year

  3. Nice garage sale find! I think you can definitely put seed or water! Pretty blooms as always!

  4. Great looking hibiscus. I love the fact that your husband has flowers that he wants in the gardens. Love the rooster birdbath.

  5. Sue, I grew the corkscrew vine last year and got a few extremely fragrant blooms. I planted my one last seed inside very early hoping I would be more blooms sooner. I didn't realize they like cool. Mine may not bloom at all....none at this point.

    Love the hen. If you put a little sand in the water, it would make a great butterfly watering hole.

  6. The snail/corkscrew vine is beautiful and unique. I have found another that I must do more research on from you! I enjoy visiting your lovely!

  7. I have never seen that corkscrew vwine. It's quite nice! I hope this is a good year for you.

    I planted some 'Orange Perfection' phlox this year, too. Mine has not bloomed yet. It's in whiskey barrels on the deck. I did notice it has mildew. I was quite disappointed with that! I also googled it and found the blooms were really more pink than orange. I do like the color of yours, even if it's not really orange.

    Cute garage sale hen. I am (or was) a chicken collector. I don't buy them anymore (ran out of space), but I have quite a few above the cupboards in my kitchen.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Your garden is lovely! It's interesting to see what you can grow in your Zone 5b garden. My garden is USDA 4b, so a bit colder than yours.

  9. I love love lies bleeding and am reminded it's still in the cell packs I seeded it in--it's been a slow gardening season! I would totally have gone tot he game, that's cool. What events did you see?

  10. Sue, That hen would look great with my hen-and-rooster collection! (Just joking!) Your July garden is lovely, as always. The corkscrew vine is fascinating! Pam

  11. Sue, thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day :)
    Your garden is looking beautiful with the gorgeous daylilies, phlox and all. I'm amazed that your Autumn Joy sedum is blooming already!
    The corkscrew vine is very pretty. Love the color!
    We've had a day of much-needed rain here and the garden is breathing a sigh of relief.
    Happy gardening!

  12. I love the snail vine! I've never heard of that one before. My Love Lies Bleeding is about 6 inches tall and blooming. So much for it being 4 feet tall at the back of the border, I found it behind some Larkspur I was pulling out :) That Hibiscus really is pretty.

  13. Your comment about black eyed susan reminds me to put them on my wish list for next year. Nice photos.


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