Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Front Yard Foliage

Pam, of Digging, hosts Foliage Follow-up the day after GBBD.  I forgot to take photos for it, but remembered this morning, while it was pretty sunny out.  I found some shade in the front yard to take some photos in.  I knew Pam had been to the gathering of garden bloggers, so I wasn't sure if she was having the follow up.  When I checked, I saw that she'd forgotten about it, but encouraged others to go ahead and do theirs, and link in to her to let others know we are participating.

I am up past bedtime, so will quickly say what some of the plans are.  This area in front of the house has lamium, lamb's ears, peonies, heucheras, and painter's pallet, which is a spready plant I like enough to keep around.

 I love the different colors on painter's pallet.

I have several kinds of heucheras.  I only let the ones with pretty flowers bloom.  There are also pigsqueak, wild ginger, and hellebores in this area.  (I liked the flowers made from can lids that I bought at the farmer's market so well in the bare spot in the bigger front bed, that I got some more to add color to this area.)

These are to the left of the above plants.  The name of the plant between the heucheras is not coming to my brain right now.  It has nice foliage after the bright colored blooms are finished. (Thanks, Cameron, for reminding me the plant is a pulmonaria.

I love hellebores!

 The hosta in the front of the photo was my mother-in-law's.  The green one on the right side belonged to a friend of mine who died.

 This is the other side of the tree.  I am enjoying the Jack Frost brunnera I just planted this spring.  I like the heucheras, perennial geraniums, and lady's mantle with it.

Larry chose this sweet potato vine of some kind from a nursery a couple hours from here about 9 years ago.  They said it was an annual, but it took over the clematis that was a perennial.  (When Larry and I cleaned out the garage, we came across some sunflower seeds.  Larry filled up the feeders around the yard.  This one was in the carport, and I got tired of Heidi trying  to get the squirrels, and having the squirrels run across the fence right in front of me when I went out, so I moved it to this spot.  I'm not sure if I like it there.  You can see from Heidi's height it's not far off the ground.  I found a shepherd's hook at a garage sale, so we'll need to find a spot for it, and maybe put the feeder on it.)

Here are a couple closer views of the vine.  I always have to give it a trim back so it bushes out and doesn't climb clear above the light.  It's a quick growing plant!

 I used to not like this plant, but it has grown on me, and even more on the light post.  LOL

I'm not sure if many others are particpating, but Pam has some fun posts about Buffalo.


  1. Hi Sue ~ You have some wonderful foliage. I love the painter's pallet, I've never seen it before. Enjoy your lovely gardens.

    Love your new header picture with your DH, grandson and Heidi, and your lovely corner garden.


  2. Hi Sue... I love all of the green foliage. The sweet potato is a fast grower Wow! it looks so pretty growing up the lamp post.

    The little flowers in back of the heucheras are such a cute idea, I'll have to borrow it..

    It's fun to have a few pass along plants for fun and memory sake such as the hostas from your Mother-in-law and your friend who passed...

    " I have a rose from my grandfather, Iris from my aunt and hens and chicks from my mother to name a few..

  3. I like your Heuchera bed with the pigsqueak. Like you, I cut off some of the Heuchera flower stalks that grow so tall, with hardly any visible flowers on them. Hellebores are one of my favourites. Pretty flowers and early foliage are an appealing combination. The Brunnera with the Heuchera next to the tree trunk look great with the geraniums.

  4. You have so many nice areas with foliage. I love heuchera and wish that I had enough shade for more.

    Is that a pulmonaria between the heuchera?

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I don't know what's with Blogger today. It took me FIVE tries to get that comment posted on your blog.

  6. Ooh, I really like that Jack Frost brunnera. It's visually cooling, like that variegated hosta. Thanks for participating. I'll put up links on my blog, even though I didn't recover from my trip in time to take photos myself this month.

  7. I love your foliage treats Sue - so many of what you have chosen I too have in my garden like Jack Frost, pulmonaria and loads of heucheras. I see you too like ladys mantle - I love it only I dare not let it go to seed orelse the whole garden would be full of it.


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