Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's time for bed!

I have been thinking about starting a blog to help me keep records of my gardening exploits and to help me make plans.  I finally got it set up after an hour and a half.  I am slow and sometimes have trouble making up my mind.  I just want to get this done to make sure it works.  If you buy a new car, you don't just leave it parked, you need to drive it!  

Part of what took me so long, was the names I was choosing for my blog were not available.  My choices were:
1.  My Corner
2.  My Corner Lot
3.  Corner Gardener
4.  Corner Garden

Each of these had variations with my name, but I couldn't use an underline symbol or apostrophe in the address for the blog.  Here I was, so tickled that I'd thought of the name for my blog very quickly after realizing I'd have to have a name, and I had to think of something else.  

Then, when I was writing about me, I didn't realize it was going to be on my blog page, I thought there would be a link to it.  I may go in and change that tomorrow.  Well, here I am, blog!  We'll see if I keep you up.  

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  1. Lol, yes Im new here also. It gets a bit tricky sometimes.LOL.I had another blog title then I changed it to this one and on and on.Hope you stay seems like na nice place.Your photos are gorgeous!Especially the last one with the daisey type flowers. daiseys are my favorites.,becky


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