Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time to Baby Proof

Our grandson turned 9 months old last week, and we forgot to take pictures, so I took lots today, but they didn't turn out so well.  DH and I have him on Saturdays while his dad, our DS sleeps, as he works nights, and his mom works on the house she grew up in, so they can move there.  

Today, GS and I spent lots of time outdoors watching butterflies and watering some flowers.  GS loves to put his hands in the water and get us both wet.  He also looks at the butterflies as they go from flower to flower.  He also looks in the sky for birds when he hears them.  He's a little nature lover.  We saw a garter snake, too, but I wasn't positive he saw it.  I decided to go in for my camera, but when we got back out, the snake was nowhere to be found.  I was disappointed because DS loves snakes, and I really wanted its picture.  

DS likes gardening, but doesn't keep up with it these days.  He has an assortment of reptile pets, as he did as a teen.  He is still into critters.  He'll even turn my compost over from time to time to see what's in there.

I meant to take out the assorted magazines, books, and old mail from the lower shelf of the coffee table before GS came this morning, but forgot to until just as DIL was taking pics.  So, here I am, baby proofing.  I have some collections he's eyeing.  I should be busy this week moving more things around.


  1. What a sweetie! Hey, my fondest memories of gardening came from my grandmother! She was my inspiration for gardening. Having your GS with you in the garden will create memories for him. Cameron

  2. Hes a cutie.My grandmother was greek and she had so many different things in her garden. She grew mint, cammomile, greek oregano,I adored her morning glories.I remember asking her if I could pinch the bud to hear it pop.LOL, I to have about the same things now in my garden.

  3. Thanks Cameron and Becky,

    I know it's giving me good memories! Even though I don't get gardening done that I'd like when he's over, I still love our times together out there. I think we'd be outside most of the day if he didn't have eczema and probably allergies.

    Becky, did your grandmother dry or freeze the herbs, or just use them fresh? Do you? I plan to, but don't always.

  4. What a cutie! My grandsons are 10 and 6 and are a constant joy.

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  6. He's a dandy. I have a 9 month old grandson too. We just took him to the pumpkin patch. He is so full of wonderment. You can see my little fella and 3 of my other grandchildren on my blog. http;//


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