Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Aftermath (pics taken today)

Today, as I was pulling the plants that could not handle the 20s it got down to a couple nights ago, the urge to get my camera overtook me, and I ended up getting sidetracked taking more squirrel pics, and then my son and grandson came over.  My buckets are still outside, and more plants need to be pulled.  We had fun, though, and my son took some pics of us, since my husband will take one or two, and then put the camera down.  He seems to be doing a good job handling things with his wife out of town for her job.  She'll be back tomorrow.

Some plants look better than others.  I can't remember the name of this sweet potato vine (the darker leaves) that seems to be a perennial, unless it's reseeding every year.  It grows very fast in the spring, and I always cut it back as it reaches the top of the pole so it will branch out.  The Clematis Fruticosa, 'Mongolian Gold' has been growing with it for at least 6 years.

Some of the perennials, such as this foxglove are still green.

There are still a few seed heads on the clematis from the first picture.

I like the color on this helenium.  The leaves were green before the freeze.

These pansies were planted early spring.  About half of my pansies did not make it through the heat, but I'm glad these, and some in the back yard did!

These nasturtiums were planted the first week of June, and were finally starting to bloom.

The pentas is finished, but still kind of pretty.  The yarrow is looking good.

This purple datura will be pulled tomorrow.

I will finish cleaning up tomorrow, and plant bulbs.   Some of them were purchased from a neighbor's daughter for her dance class fundraiser.  They were delivered today, and look good.


  1. I just wanted to make a comment about your blog in general. I love all the pictures you post. I enjoy seeing the simple happenings of everyday life.

  2. The seedhead on the clematis is so beautiful. Do you bring the datura inside over winter?

  3. Interesting perspective, isn't it? I was just outside (briefly) doing the same thing. Frost got quite a few tenders last night.


    PS Come on over to my blog and tell us how YOU overwinter!

  4. Sue, beautiful picture of the clematis seeds. And such lovely colors on the Helenium!

    You've just reminded me, I must get some pansies for the winter. I love the blue/violet coloring of yours.

  5. The pansies have such happy little faces! I love to see them poking up thru the snow and decay of other plantlife in the cold months. I especially love the color of yours!

  6. Hi! Thanks for all the nice comments. The white flowering daturas always reseed themselves. I was thinking about not having the purple ones next year, because I read they are more poisonous than the white ones, but then decided I hope I didn't succeed in getting all the seed pods taken off. Hopefully, they will come back. I have the seeds of a yellow flowering one that someone gave me from a year ago. I think I may plant some of those in the veggie garden in a spot to themselves to see if I can get them started.


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