Friday, October 31, 2008

Heidi and the Teasing Squirrel

I got through my indecisiveness got some bulbs planted yesterday!  I put in a couple kinds of alliums, some pink flowering, and some purple drumsticks, Angelique tulips (pink), Dutch Irises, and a few blue chiondoxas.  I had already planted some Lycoris Squamigeras.  I wasn't going to plant any bulbs at all, because I didn't want to have the battle of the dying foliage, but I decided I wanted some, and hoped my annuals that reseed will fill in around them.  I had read you should plant in groups, but was thinking if they were in a curving row, it may be easier to fill in the bare spots.  I didn't like the look of what I was doing, and it seemed like they were taking up more space than if I just clumped them.  Well, I did a combination.  I put the drumsticks in 3 curving rows, all at the back, and clumped everything else.  

As I was agonizing over the bulbs, and putting them here and there, all of a sudden, I realized there were 2 squirrels behind me, about 2 or 3 feet away!  As soon as they were discovered, they ran off.  Then, this one looked right at Heidi and me and came into the side yard.  It waited, as usual, until Heidi started running toward it, then scampered onto the shed and into the back yard.  Heidi always crouches like this, watching the silly things, deciding when to make her move.


  1. Those little squirrels are so mischievious! Sounds like our deer herd. They were still snoozing on the ground around 10am this morning and couldn't bother to stand up as we did our garden walk!


  2. We really do share what we view our property with creatures who view it as theirs, don't we?

  3. Thanks Sue for visiting my blog. I think the squirrels were after your bulbs, they are rather partial to them! I do love squirrels though. x

  4. Yes, I figured it was the bulbs they were interested in. They haven't dug them out so far. I wonder if they are waiting for colder weather or until they run low on other food.


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