Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speaking of Wildlife

I took these pics from inside the door.  Here's one of "my" squirrels grooming, it looks like.

Oh, it looks startled, now, and is trying to decide what to do.

"Oh, well, it's just her and her silly camera."

It must be clean now.

"Time to go.."

and do some digging!"

Here is a shier one, friend or relative of the one on the porch.  This one stayed further away, even though I was inside.  I didn't get the shot of the two of them running away from what they were doing all of a sudden, to have a game of rough and tumble, then dash up the tree.


  1. The coloring on your squirrels is very pretty. Ours are just gray. We haven't had as many since we lost a lot of our pines and other trees due to hurricanes and pine borers.


  2. What great photos! They raid my feeders all the time and drive my dogs crazy.

  3. We haven't been consistent feeding the birds in the winter, but I've been thinking we should be. Last week, I bought a feeder that moves down and leaf decorations block the feeding spots when the weight of a squirrel is on it. We need to research what kind of seeds to put in it for our birds. Now, I'm wondering if the squirrels will just knock the feeder down, and eat the contents when they spill.

  4. Great pics! Is that a red squirrel or a fox squirrel?

  5. I just looked up what kinds of squirrels we have in Nebraska, and the fox squirrel images looked like the ones we have. I don't think we have the red ones here, but we are supposed to also have greys, but like the reds, they have a lighter tummy than the ones we have. Thanks for helping me learn more about our critters sweet bay!

  6. I love squirrels. They're so cute, especially when washing their faces with both hands cupped.
    ~ Monica

  7. Cool pictures! Looks like a fun long as he's not eating all the bird seed. :-)

    Thanks for the visit!


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