Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orange Hawkweed, Circle Bed Before New Bed

I looked for some photos taken I'm not sure how long ago, of a nice sized garter snake sunning on a twig in the compost pile.  I couldn't find them, but came across two photos taken 5/28/08.  This one is the orange hawkweed I thought looked similar in leaf to the weed of the neighbors' in a previous post.  You can see a little plant, to the mid left, getting ready to spread.  Directly to the left, is a wallflower not blooming yet.

Here is the circle bed that became part of the new bed, which was put behind it, up to about 3 feet from the bushes by the house.  The poppy, rose and amsonia were moved.  


  1. It sure does pay to keep old photos, doesn't it? Great for planning and seeing what bloomed when. Cameron

  2. As Cameron says, the old photos are great for information purposes and I find them a great way to keep records. Your new garden evolved beautifully from the original circle bed. We've had quite a few evolutions too :)

  3. Cameron and Kerri,
    I just have a couple years' worth of photos, because when I got a different computer that had been my dad's, DH lost them when doing something to transfer things over. I hadn't backed them up or printed many. I'll have to look this winter to see if I can find any.

    I do have some contact sheets printed on plain printer paper in a notebook that I've written notes on to say what's where, and when it bloomed. I now need to write down what plants I want to put in the bare spots. Sue


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