Thursday, October 9, 2008

Butterflies, Bees, and it's Good to be Proven Wrong Sometimes

I saw lots of Painted Ladies today, especially on the Verbenas.  The pics in my documents are so small, I couldn't tell if this was one that showed several on the plant at once.  I'm only seeing one now.

I previously posted that there are no insects on my Fireworks Goldenrod.  Well, today they were a buzz with several kinds of bees, wasps, and of course, Painted Ladies.  It was hard to get pics of them, though, because I couldn't find them while looking through my viewfinder.  I am looking to get a different camera.  I did capture a close up of this bee.
It's not a good shot, but there is a wasp on the upper part of this photo.
This is Sweet Autumn Clematis, on the deck in the back yard.
A skipper of some kind on a marigold in the veggie garden I got from someone on Freecycle:
The skipper and a kind of butterfly in the veggie garden I've not seen in the yard before (a close up is in the next photo):
From what I can tell in my book, this is a female Checkered White.  I saw a male flying around, but couldn't get a picture of it.  They flew around together off and on, as well.
Back to the front yard, the Sulfers weren't very cooperative today.
The Silver Spotted Skipper was also uncooperative today.  I haven't seen as many of these around as I did earlier in the summer.
I think this is a Cabbage White.


  1. Sue, your fortunate to have butterflies! Great photos! They've been really scarce this year. I had a lot of black swallowtails (and the cats) since I grow bronze fennel for them. However, the Monarchs were really scare--I even have a Monarch Waystation sign up, so you'd think they'd find all the milkweed. Last year was a great year. Hope to see them back next year. Cameron

  2. I hope you see more Monarchs next year, too, Cameron. I have 3 butterfly milkweeds that are small, and I haven't seen cats on them or the swamp milkweeds I have. I haven't seen any kind of cats on my 2 bronze fennels, one of which was planted last year, the other this year.

    For the last couple of weeks, I've seen several Monarchs a day. Today, they let me take their pictures, but I haven't looked at them yet.

  3. Sue, your corners sounds like it is a buzz with life!

  4. Gorgeous photo of the honeybee on the goldenrod.

    I don't think I've seen a Checkered White before. She's lovely.

  5. Thanks ladies,
    I have gotten into the butterflies more than usual this summer, and have taken note of the bees and wasps, too, as they seem to love my flowers, as well. I am glad to provide some nectar for them!

    I had never seen a checkered white that I was aware of, either. It was exciting to be able to identify it from my book. It's not always easy to do.


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