Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday's Sweet Potato Harvest

This photo was taken 8/4/08.  The sweet potato plant is on the right in the silver wash tub. 

I forgot to take a pic of the plant before starting to pull, so I tossed the plant back up and took one.  I gently pulled up the potatoes I could, then used a hand trowel to loosen the soil before pulling the others out by hand.

I had already taken two nice sized sweet potatoes out, but the harvest is smaller than last year. I had 3 vines in the tub this year.  I can't remember how many I put in last year, so maybe that was the difference.  I'll probably go ahead and plant more next year, though, because all you have to do is water them.  They don't require attention planted this way.


  1. Good job, I have never tried sweet potatoes.

  2. I need to do a better job remembering what varieties of plants I grow. I am remembering that last year, I got a couple different kinds of slips from someone who started them for our herb club's plant sale.

  3. Sue - how do you start sweet potatoes? I have two grocery store sweet potatoes in cups of water right now with the hopes of them growing and then figuring out how to take clippings from them to plant...What's your method?


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