Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Observations Made Today

My Queen Anne's Lace is going to bloom after all if we don't get a hard freeze soon.
I'm really liking this pentas.
The butterflies and bees shared lots on the asters by the street today.  I saw four Painted Ladies at once.  I also noticed that there haven't been insects on the Fireworks Goldenrod.  I wonder why.
Painted Lady with wings folded.
The asters on the east side of the house are finished blooming already.  (The ones by the street are, too.)  I've deadheaded, but need to read to find out if they will bloom more.
I don' t know what kind of spider this is, but it posed patiently while I worked to get it into focus.
I was close to giving up and pulling this cosmos plant, but noticed the other day, that it was finally about to bloom.  Today it has 3 pretty pink flowers.  I'm glad I didn't pull it!


  1. I just stumbled onto your gardeing pictures on Blogger and you must be very happy with the flowers.

    Tell your husband, more flowers means less grass cutting!

    I wish I could have more luck with pentas, tried them acouple years now but no luck. So I stick to impatiens in the shade and lantanas, periwinkles and moss rose in the sun.

    Have fun with your new blog.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Jannie. This is the first time I've grown pentas, lantana, and heliotrope in the ground. The ones I've grown in pots do better some years than others. Sue

  3. I love asters, I think they are the most under appreciated fall bloomer. The butterflies love them and they are more reliable for me (zone 4)than mums.

  4. I love having flowers blooming as long as I can, and even though asters tease a while before they open up, it's worth it to see the pretty flowers and the bees and butterflies on them.

    Thanks, Sue


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