Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight could be our first frost/freeze

First, I forgot to mention in my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post, that Carol, from May Dreams Gardens, started this, and last I checked, there were 63 replies to her October GBBD post today, most of whom said they had pics as well.  I need to get to bed, and finish looking at them tomorrow.  What fun!  Thanks Carol!

DH was nice enough to help me pick peppers this afternoon in anticipation of our first frost or freeze tonight.  One forecast said it could get down to 31, another 35.  When he asked if he should pick them all, I told him to leave the small ones.  He doesn't always hear me, as he has some hearing loss.  It was too late, by the time I realized he hadn't heard me.  I explained that if it doesn't freeze, then the small ones could continue to grow.  I noticed he missed a large one, so maybe he missed some small ones, too.  

Someone on the Cottage Garden Forum mentioned getting a job done she'd been putting off, in about an hour.  I replied that I had several things I need to do that won't take long, once I get to them.  Picking and freezing the peppers was one of them.  Of course, I didn't get them cut up to freeze tonight, because I was too busy on the computer.  Tomorrow, I hope to get that done!

I pulled out the two sweet potatoes that were sticking up out of the dirt.  The others I'll dig out after the leaves get zapped from the frost.


  1. Hi Sue. We expect a frost maybe tonight and for certain Friday. I don't have too many annuals, but still I hate to lose them. What I really hate is to see the heirloom tomatoes go.

    I went back and looked at your older posts. You have some lovely plants. I enjoyed seeing them.

  2. Those peppers look fantastic! What a wonderful bounty. Cameron

  3. I love peppers.They look delicious.We have already had a bit of a frost.But its getting colder here for the rest of the week and the weekend.Have a great rest of your week,Becky

  4. Beautiful looking peppers..isn't there a tongue twister about picking peppers! LOL
    Your rainy Bloom Day post was very
    abundant with blossoms! A Canadian Bloomer!

  5. Thank you for the comments. This is so fun! It got down to 32 degrees F. The only thing I saw damaged was a coleus.

    I still have a few grape and yellow pear tomatoes, but my other tomatoes have gotten diseased like usual, and have died.

  6. Hi Sue! Thanks for visiting and saying hello. That's a good pepper harvest! They're pretty, aren't they? Do sweet potatoes grow well for you there? We've never seen them available for planting. Where do you buy yours?
    I had to chuckle about you being too busy on the computer to get the peppers cut up. I can relate, especially when Bloom Day rolls around :)
    More than a week of hard frosts has finished everything off here...except the parsely.

  7. Kerry,
    Thanks for looking at my blog. I got most of my peppers cut up and frozen. I have also been making soup and chili with them, and freezing them in lunch size portions.

    I need to dig my sweet potatoes tomorrow, as the plants are dying, and it should be dry enough. I buy the starts from a local family owned and run nursery. The couple are thinking about retiring, and their daughter can't afford to run it herself. I hope they find a buyer who grows similar plants, as they sell some nice varieties other places don't carry. Sweet potatoes seem to do well here for the people I buy them from at the Farmers' Market. I just plant a few in a washtub. I got a great harvest last year. I'll have to take some pics when I pick tomorrow. If I have another good harvest, I may plant them in the ground or in a second tub.

    We have had over an inch of rain the last couple days. It is supposed to get down to 27 Sunday night. I have the week off of work for fall break, so it looks like I'll be doing some dumping of pots onto the compost pile.


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