Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blooms from 10/03/08

This is Heidi, our 5 year old yellow lab, who loves going outside with me when I garden.
I think the birds planted this aster from my neighbors. I have 2, and put them where they are currently residing. I cut them back once or twice in the summer so they won't get too big. Also in the photo are Knautia, gayfeathers, and a bit of Fireworks Goldenrod.
Fireworks Goldenrod is one of my favorite flowers to grow. I cut mine back too hard this year, and they didn't get as tall as I like, but they are still putting on a great show!
Wichita Falls (I think) Goldenrod, some kind of wild Black Eyed Susan type of flower in the back, Herbstone Rudbeckia, middle, back, Helenium, the yellow flower in the right back, and some kind of aster back to the front

The bees love the goldenrod!My new front flower bed:
White marigold, penta, Diamond Frost Euphorbia. These annuals and others have been blooming all summer. See what diligent deadheading promotes?
The foxgloves I planted this year are doing better than any other year I've planted them. They have been taking turns blooming all summer. I suppose I should quit deadheading them so they'll reseed.
Helenium, salvia, lantana. I need to find the tags for these, because they have done so well this year!

I'm still trying to figure out putting photos and words together. I get confused about things being posted from the bottom up. I want to practice so I won't forget.


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  2. Thanks for your comment. I'm learning as I go.


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