Monday, October 6, 2008

More Sharing Butterflies, Bees, A Garden Friend (from yesterday)

This Monarch was not pleased with me taking pictures.  Every time I came up to a side of the butterfly bush, it would go to the other side.  I tried not to get too close, but still, it frequently flew up, toward me, then around and around in the air, before settling back to the flowers.  I tried taking pics of it in the air, but couldn't find it fast enough through my viewfinder.

There were several kinds of bees peacefully dining on the Goldenrod, each one not minding that the others were there.  They even shared with a lightening bug!

As big as this bee was, it was no bully.

Can you see the garden friend playing hide and seek?

I love praying mantises!

This butterfly and bee spent quite a long time feeding on the white marigolds.  The butterfly at the bottom likes it there so much, it is still there!


  1. It is fun to see someone else that appreciates bugs like I do :).

  2. He, he, I am wanting a different camera so I can get the critters in focus before they move on.


  3. Sue I love your blog! So many lovely pictures.

    I really like your Vanilla Marigolds and the Fireworks Goldenrod.

  4. Thanks, sweet bay. I am having fun, but am feeling overwhelmed today, trying to see as many Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day pics as possible. I am going to have to check for more tomorrow.

    I love those marigolds, too. They've been blooming since I planted them. The Fireworks have been one of my favorites for a few years.


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