Friday, October 17, 2008

Sidetracked by Strawflowers

It did get down to 32 degrees two nights ago, but the only plants that were noticeably damaged were the coleuses.  It was nice out today after work, so I went out to see what needed to be done.  I decided I don't like Sweet Annie, so I cut it way back so it won't reseed.  I noticed I need to "harvest" my strawflowers, but thought I should take some photos first.  

This is how I operate.  In the house, I will start cleaning in one room, then if I need to move something to another room, something will catch my attention, and I'll attend to that.  Maybe I'll get the original thing done, but there's just as good a chance I won't.

So, I took my camera out, but the memory card was not in it.  I came in, and DH asked if I wanted to try his camera.  He knows I want a new camera, and if, by chance, I like his, then he could get a new one instead.  LOL

So, I took lots of pics of my strawflowers, and then of the ones I have already harvested over the summer.  I grow other flowers for drying, too.  I grow  Helichrysums, and have also grown Bracteantha.  They are annuals here in zone 5b.  The information given for them says to let them dry between waterings, but I've found that they wilt if they get dry.  When in pots, they do not always recover after wilting, either.  This is the second year that I have grown them in the ground.  The ones I grew last year, I grew from seed, and they were a taller variety.  They took longer to reach blooming size, so I didn't get a huge harvest.  These are from the only local nursery that sells them as seedlings in 6 packs.

I've started with close ups, then shown the plants they are growing on.  (Yes, they are still on them, because I did not get them picked.)  There are also some plants that I don't have larger flowers pictured from.  Oh, and by the way, once they open all the way, they won't dry well.  Also, I have to watch for ants, because they either eat the flowers, or have something to do with what is eating them.  I do manage to get a good harvest, though. 

There are two plants here, with an annual Helianthis (Sneezeweed) blooming.  They are yellow flowers on the left, and the red/pink to the left of the blanket flower.

The white ones didn't photograph well.  They are on the left of this clump of three plants, which I thought when planting were two plants.


  1. Good morning Sue ~ I know what you mean about getting sidetracked, I'm the same way. I love your strawflowers. I don't think I've ever tried them before. Do you add them to potpourri mixes or what, after they are dried? FlowerLady

  2. I love your "everlastings"...I've not tried strawflowers, but your blog is encouraging! We certainly do enable each other with our gardening eye candy! LOL Cameron

  3. Love them, I used to have orange ones last year.But hadnt planted any this summer.I will sure plant some next year. Im encouraged by your post. How lovely.I do like the pinkish ones. have a lovely weekend!becky~~

  4. Easily distracted -- that's me, too.

    Your strawflowers are beautiful. I haven't grown those since 40 years ago, when my friend and I put them in dried arrangements. Now they're new again.


  5. Thanks for the nice comments! I have been growing and drying strawflowers, statice, gomphrea, sea holly, lavender, different colored yarrows, globe thistle and I can't remember what else for quite a few years. I hang most to dry, except for the strawflowers. I leave some of the flowers hanging for decoration, and others, I put into small baskets or other containers and mix with the strawflowers. I put them around the house and give them away as gifts.

  6. Those strawflowers are beautiful! I love the pictures of the strawflowers on the counter, they are gorgeous.

  7. Thank you, sweet bay. I had put all of those flowers there for the "photo shoot". There was another bowl of some I had missed, too. LOL I moved most of them to other places, because we don't have much cupboard space, and I keep some salt and pepper shakers on that tray. They are sharing space with some of the flowers so far, though. :o)


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