Sunday, October 12, 2008

It was a windy day, but a joy to be out in.

I did some watering, weeding and deadheading in my church beds this morning.  I was tired today, because I stayed up too late last night.  

After lunch, I decided I would rather go outside than take a nap, so I figured writing the names of the perennials in my new bed would be a good sit down project.  I had some cut up mini blinds, and the newly purchased grease pencil, that I learned on the Cottage Garden Forum on iVillage, would stay on over the winter.  Now, I will be able to tell where I can plant annuals, and let the self seeders grow.

While I was out, I spent time enjoying the bees and butterflies, and resisting the urge to go inside for my camera.  As I was doing a little watering, there were two Monarchs who let me get very close.  I stood still, and counted for 40 seconds while one was within 2 feet from me.  Another was less than 3 feet away for about 2 minutes, then a neighbor drove by and waved.  Up went my hand to wave back, and away flew the Monarch!  

I am reminding myself to enjoy the beautiful fall we've been blessed with.  I am not a winter person, but there is no use fretting.  When it gets here, it will be OK.  Then spring will be the next season!

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