Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Blooms

Above: blanket flower with pine leaf penstemon, giant larkspur of some kind that I grew from seeds inside that looks just like my other larkspur, queen Anne's lace in the background with centauria and yarrow, and knifofia.

I am joining Katarina at Roses and Stuff's Friday Blooms for today, since I have so many flowers that weren't blooming for GBBD, and now are. I am posting in Firefox, and it is not letting me write above the first photo, so I'm keeping the rest of the posting below the photos, instead of above, like I normally do. I've noticed most people post below the photos, so maybe I'll experiment with that.

Hollyhock, powder puff mix

Queen Anne's lace, dwarf Mondarda, maybe Pink Delight, Foxglove, maybe Strawberry, wood betony, false sunflower, and the thin leaved coneflower from my GBBD post, that held the petals out straight when they first bloomed, but now is holding them down.

Theadleaf or Moonbeam coreopsis, the taller variety, hyssop, which was supposed to be blue, but isn't, false sunflower, a passalong bellflower of some kind, that bloomed for most of the summer last year, globe thistle, which will turn blue, and I'll pick some to dry, and Lilium x Brindisi, that I got for 75% off at Lowe's last year after it had bloomed. On GBBD, it was holding on to its bud for dear life.

Variegated false sunflower, rue with a self sown campion, dill, hollyhock, and lavender with no tag.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sue I love your photo collection! Your 'false sunflower' is great. Mine is blooming like crazy as well. I can't wait to spend some time in the garden tomorrow taking photos of all the new blooms after the wonderful rain we have been blessed with this morning and coming again tonight. I just walked out to the veggie garden tonight at dusk and WOW.... everything has grown at least an inch after the 2 inches of rain we received today!

    Have a blessed weekend... so happy to stop by your delightful blog!

  2. Your pics are great...but I really love your false sunflower.
    Prayers, Bo

  3. I like all your blooms, Susan, but a globe thistle and a hollyhock look especially good! Maybe, because I don't have them in my garden.

  4. Hi Sue, your garden looks so colourful and vivid! So glad you joined Blooming Friday with all thoe lovely pictures! The white Hollyhock is stunning - mine aren't blooming yet.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Great photo collection! You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden!

  6. be still my heart all these blooms and the dog in the tulips side ahh

  7. You have a lot going on in your garden, it's lovely!

    At first glance I thought the hollyhock bloom was a peony.

  8. Oh it looks so pretty there! I love seeing these summer bloomers and all of their color.
    I think your passalong may be Lady Bell's or adenophora. It's a beautiful plant, but I had to keep it in check it tried to spread much further than I wanted.
    The globe thistle is a neat one, I may need to add one of those.

  9. These photos are worthy of bragging rights, Sue. Love your flowers!!

  10. Your blooms are all lovely, and look so pretty in the photo collages.


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