Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Heucharas in my Yard

Shady Gardener thinks her mystery coral bells are Prince of Silver, as shown on VW's post showcasing her heucheras. I looked around on the internet to see if I could identify any of mine, since my search for tags was unsuccessful. In my looking around, I found out the "ch" is pronounced "k". I've been mispronouncing them all these years. I first discovered coral bells when the previous owners of our first home had planted them. They were one of my favorites at the time.

There is a planter behind the peonies and other plants in the ground. The first row is coral bells, then an assortment, then the hellebores are right against the house. They are looking healthy, but are not putting out new growth. I'll show the heucheras from left to right in this bed.

I remember one of the heucheras I planted is Pewter Moon, and it may be the first one shown. I have a close up leaf after each plant photo. If you think you know what mine are, please let me know. Most of these were purchased over 4 years ago, so they wouldn't be the brand new ones out. I don't remember what color most of the blooms are.

Snow angel has been a slow grower for me.

This is the one I posted, I think for GBBD, and Shady Gardener thinks may also be Prince of Silver.

I have a couple Palace Purples in the ground in front of the flower box:

The next heucheras are in the bed under the maple tree.

I've had this one for a long time, and it is quite dependable. I deadhead, and it sends more blooms all summer.

This one is probably the newest one I have:

This one has been here a number of years. If you click to enlarge it, you'll see that the flowers are not pretty. I cut them off before they fade. (The hosta to the left was my mother-in-law's, and the one on the right was given to me by a good Christian friend before she died from cancer. My mother-in-law also died from cancer.)

I hope you are having a good week!


  1. Hi Sue~~ I can identify a few of them or at least tell you what I think they are. The third one, after Snow Angel is 'Beauty of Color.' Then 'Amethyst Mist' Then 'Green Spice.'

    I threw out my 'Snow Angel.' It sulked and sulked. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that had trouble with it.

  2. How lovely... plants belonging to same specie but with different color and shape....

    ~ bangchik

  3. The third one down from Snow Angel looks like Mocha mint. Heucheras are such a great genus. Love them all no matter their names. I do have Prince of Silver. I'll try to go look at it and see if it is similar to yours. I thought I had posted a close up of it, but did not, sorry.

  4. Don't know the names of any of these. They all look gorgeous to me though.

  5. Good morning Sue. I don't have nearly as many kinds as you. Some of them look very much alike altho they are sold under different names. I think your snow angel is my favorite. That is one I'd like to get.

  6. I just planted a couple of new ones last week- one was 'Caramel' and I can't remember the name of the other one.

    I love Heucheras!

  7. Many of the heucheras look too much alike (especially the purple-silver ones) and sometimes the only way to positively identify them is also see the bloom. The greenish one after Snow Angel definitely looks like Green Spice (there aren't many that look like that). Terranova Nursery website has a large variety you could look through for a matchup.

  8. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I haven't had a chance to check out the names you gave or the website yet.

    Pulling weeds, and keeping some perennial geraniums in the amount of space I'm allowing them in the tree bed, I realized I had one more heuchera that I forgot to take a photo of.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. The heucheras look lovely around base of the maple tree!

  10. I have lots of heucheras, including Pewter Moon. I like them, and find them really useful plants to have around the garden. Your photos show off their colouring and markings really well. x

  11. Hi Sue, Besides our Prince, the only positive ID I could offer would agree with Grace's "Green Spice." This is one of my very favorites. It does very well considering it's in full shade once the oaks regain their leaves. And yet, it just blooms and blooms. :-)


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