Thursday, June 4, 2009

Harvest from a couple days ago, and critters on the potato plants

This time of year is so busy, that I find myself not wanting to cook so I can spend more time out in the garden.  But, I tell myself  I need to find a balance, because it's silly not to cook, when I am growing food to eat.  I frequently pick beets, put them in the fridge, then don't get them cooked, so they end up on the compost pile.

I was proud of myself the other day for picking my beets with the idea of cooking them right away.  I cut them up for a couple days' worth of adding to my salads, and added the peas raw to the salads.

We've had warmer temps than normal lately, so the lettuce season may be over before the usual end of June.  I did a good job succession planting, though, so there are still some smaller ones that may hold up OK.

I can't remember whether this is a spider or a long legs of some kind on the potato plant here.

Here's a closer view of the ladybug larvae.

I have had lots interruptions of my gardening lately, but have enjoyed the things that have been the cause of them.  Today, the 6 year old who lives where I am gardening across the street came over while I was weeding at home, with a packet of blue spruce seeds he got from a restaurant.  I got my computer and we looked up information.  Jeff, his grandpa, suggested planting the seeds in a pot, then finding a spot for it after it was up.  I got a couple pots, and he said he wanted to give one to his teacher.

He wanted to water other parts of the garden besides his seeds, and we pulled some weeds.  While working, we got to see a larvae that looked like it was turning into a ladybug.  We had a fun time!  He pulled some radishes to send home with Grandpa, and then we came over to cut some daisies for his mom.  Then, a neighbor dog, part pit bull, was loose, and Heidi was crouching at the curb.  I had to round her up, and tell the neighbor boy to go home to be safe.  A local boy was attacked by a pit bull while riding his bike last night, so I was afraid.

The neighbor ladies across the other street from where I garden rounded up the dog, called the owner, and chained it to wait for the owner to come home.  I thought I should go meet the dog, and then our daughter-in-law called to see if she could come get the tools she was going to borrow.  She is working on the house she grew up in, and they are planning to move there soon.  When I walked over, Grandson saw me and waved so big, then, when Mom put him down, he put his arms up and ran to me, as I ran to him.  That was worth being slowed down a little.  He helped me pour water into cans from a rain barrel, and water the pots in the back.  That was fun, too.

Well I'm up past my bed time, but tomorrow is my last day of work for the school year, and then, I should find more time to get my gardening done.  I have made a pledge to myself to avoid, (notice I didn't stay away from) garage sales until after doing some de-cluttering.

I didn't mean to be so wordy.  I am also hoping to catch up on the blogs of those who comment on my posts and those who I follow.


  1. Wow, those radishes look so yummy! My mouth's watering already!
    It's always fun to garden with kids - you teach 'em and learn some...

  2. I can relate to this: I frequently pick beets, put them in the fridge, then don't get them cooked, so they end up on the compost pile. I have done this so many times and I always kick myself when it happens!

  3. as always enjoy dropping in and seeing what is going on in your gardens...have a lovely weekend sue.

  4. Oh Sue... these are wonderful veggie treasures! Thank you for sharing and forgive me for not stopping by more often. We are on Summer break so I am super busy being a Mommy!
    (((HUGS))) I can't wait to stop back again soon to see what your garden is blessing you with.

  5. Sue, I can relate! Sometimes after doing a lot of farm and garden work the last thing I want to do is cook.

  6. Your beets look delicious!
    It sounds like you did have a fun/busy day. Sometimes I don't get as much done in my garden because so many other things pop up, but I guess that's part of the fun. If we were sitting inside we'd miss some of these interactions with other people and nature.

  7. Hi Sue! Seeing the picture of beets made me regret that I didn't plant them this year. Usually, I bake them in the oven,so they keep all the nutrients and the bright color, too. Do you think I can plant them in August-September?

  8. your beets and peas look very healthy......i use beet to add colour to curries(indian )or as a filling for potato patties,i love when it is added to a soup but it dominates the color of the one(problem).....
    congratulate the kiddo from my side...planting for the teacher seems like a very beautiful idea
    Sue thanks for answering my querries about rain-barrel.

  9. Hi there..I love the garden photos.. doing some quick catching up on all the blogs I follow and visiting your lovely blog as I have just returned...cheers.

  10. I enjoyed hearing of your gardening adventures! I think children in the garden are wonderful. Charley helps me in the garden--helps to slow me down! LOL! I loved your description of your grandson greeting you.

    I know you will enjoy your summer off, although it sounds like you already have a to-do list starting with de-cluttering. I can never pass up a good garage sale, and especially love to buy plants at them.

    Your fresh veggies looked very good--there is nothing better than a fresh salad picked from your own garden! Lovely! Course, it makes good compost too. ;-)

  11. Hi Sue, this is my first visit to your blog and I know I'll be back often. I love your posts - have read back a while and will pop in again in the future. Regards from South Africa


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