Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Backyard Photos Taken This Morning (Clicking the photos will enlarge them.)

This is the view out our back door. Larry's dad put lots of cement around to try to keep water out of the basement. I actually have fewer pots this year, but like to put herbs close by. I didn't get my moonflowers in this year, and it looks like the small plants on the far right lattice are morning glories. The closer vines are clematis. There are 2 basil plants in the closest pot.

Here are some more herbs. I trimmed back the pineapple sage in the pot on the right, and made tea with the trimmings and a couple tea bags.

Behind the fence is my herb garden, which I also have a tomato plant and some cucumbers planted in.

The deck Larry's dad built is on to the east of what has been shown so far.

This is back near the front door, facing east. There isn't enough room to hide the air conditioner or grill.

This is facing west. The air conditioner is not as visible from this direction. We put gravel in the back yard when we couldn't get grass to grow. We've been OK with it, but I don't like the black plastic under it. It prevents me from going wider with my plantings.

Walking east, this is the north side of the house. I had the small hostas planted when Heidi's kennel was in the area. I was pleased to get the larger ones at a spring plant sale for good prices. I moved the smaller ones around to make room for the larger ones. I hope the ones by the dryer vent do alright, and grow larger to hide it some.

I have pots and an assortment of objects to keep Heidi from my plants so she can't dig them or try to climb on the fence to get out of the yard, not that she's out there any length of time. She has, however dug up plants and will get out and leave the whole property if given a chance.

Continuing to face east, there is the false sunflower on the other side of the fence. I have lavender in most of the pots, hoping the smell of it will keep us from smelling other things out there.

I don't see the wrens much, but hope they are still using the house. The plant on right that isn't blooming yet is some kind of goldenrod.

This is facing north. The shed was repaired last year, so most of the plants on the back there were planted this spring. I moved the asters and coneflowers from other parts of the yard. Heidi dug a huge trench shortly after I planted them. I had to dig in the gravel for the plants, and one of the coneflowers didn't make it, so I bought a small one to replace it, because I didn't have another one from the yard I wanted to move.

Continuing to the north, the deck is on the left, and the driveway is on the other side of the fence.

Larry's water garden is in the corner here. In a few weeks, it won't be visible from here, as the morning glories will cover the trellises and wire watering can, and go up the light Larry's dad installed that is up the post on the right.

This is from the fence, facing back south.

Walking closer, the clematis I love to take photos of are on the right.

I've had a busy couple of days gardening, harvesting, picking flowers to dry, and looking for bushes to plant in the garden across the street. I am farther behind in my blog reading than I've been for awhile, and now, I stayed up too late again, taking longer than I thought I would getting this post up. I hope you all are well and not getting too hot. We are in the middle of a heat spell.

I'm planning on posting some close ups of plants in the back yard in my next post.


  1. Hi Sue, I was feeling sorry for myself this morning because I had so many potted plants to water. You must have 4 times as many, how do you keep them all watered in this terrible heat?

    I really like that trellis made of branches. Did you treat the wood or does it last a long time if not treated? I wanted to make a couple trellis for my columbines when I move them. Hope I can find some nice, straight branches.

  2. Hi Sue! I haven't had a chance to comment for awhile, but I've been visiting.
    I love seeing all of your containers full of plants. I'm trying to add more of that to my garden. It's looking really nice there, so much its getting big.
    Hope it cools down a bit for you.

  3. beautiful sue.... loved your backyard too.

  4. happy thursday sue.
    your garden is coming along...enjoy watching the progress from week to week. the moonflower shot with the morning glories the other day were lovely.

    have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love every inch of it!! All of the tin items here and here add a great touch.

  6. Love your new header photo! It's the best one yet! It really epitomizes the corner lot and Heidi and the fire hydrant add even more. I really like that red hydrant... it's got character!
    You may wonder why I always show my flowers in closeup? Because my flower beds are always out of control. Your gardens are so great!

  7. Hi Sue, thanks for showing us the grand tour of your paths and gardens. There are few things more heavenly than pineapple sage, I have never heard of making tea from it. Just the aroma would make one swoon. I love gravel and you have put it to good use. Love all the metal implements and other cottage touches. Well done. :-)

  8. What a Cheery Corner! Love you shopping cart, lattice privacy fence, what happy herbs, actually everything-so much to see! Your hard work (and love) shows:)

  9. Almost as good as being there, except we couldn't smell the herbs. Your back yard is obviously all very useful, for conveniently growing edibles, dining outdoors and relaxing.

  10. Sue,
    I felt like I was really taking a tour, very nice to share with us!Thanks. I liked your pots, I am a pot kind of gal, since voles like to eat so many things around here. I don't mean pot, as in marijuana either. Have a fantastic weekend,

  11. Nice gardens and paths Sue. I love your new header picture. You've really done a wonderful job with your place and it's no wonder your DH is giving you more room for flowers.


  12. Thanks for sharing your garden with us! It looks lovely! I bet Heidi is a real happy dog!
    We had two labs and they would leave anytime we let them outside. I could never seem to keep them home. Lucky thing we live in the country so they would just go to my dads house(-: They were both very friendly dogs and they loved to hunt and swim. They were always in the water(-: Jack loves to hunt to but not swim so he will stay close tp home.(-: He does love to dig though(-: Anytime I am planting something he is digging too! Its pretty funny(-:

  13. Wow, you have so many different things growing in your yard. It looks great! I love the old tractor seat, and wish I had one. I think I'd put one of my plant pots sitting on it.


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