Thursday, June 25, 2009

Close ups of Back Yard

I just went out and figured out which basils these are that I had planted from seed inside. They are Marseille, Genovese, and Greco. I hope these pots are large enough.

There are some annual black eyed Susan, red salvia, and more herbs.

Larry doesn't pick out many plants, but he wants to grow several snail vines every year. I put these 2 in a pot that had some violas that had self sown. I sure am enjoying them!

There is Thai Siam Queen planted with parsley in the pot on the left. Next, is lemon grass, pineapple sage, and lemon verbena. The pot on the far right has onion and garlic chives, and parsley.

Oxalis and a begonia:

One of Larry's 2 water gardens:

I'm excited to see what the bloom on this Rigid Goldenrod will look like. It's almost too late to harvest some of the lavender. I need to see about what I can dry yet.

I like these Magnus coneflowers and asters.

If you click on this photo, you'll see the potatoes in my garden across the street to the left of the garage. I can't remember what kind of rudbeckia the plant on the left is, but I had to support it, because it was falling down. The hollyhock is one that was planted by its parent or birds.

This coneflower was one I moved as a volunteer seedling. The aster was also moved from another spot.

These variegated false sunflowers were moved from the front of the house because I didn't like them there. They don't seem to have minded being moved when they were very small.

I planted one of the snail vines in the ground in front of the little girl.

There are goldenrods and liatrises in the ground.

I had this citrus blend lantana in the ground last year. I hope this grows as well as that did.

I am experimenting with different kinds of potato vines to see what they taste like. I plant 99% of my own pots, giving them room to fill in. This pot is next to the previous one.

It's Thursday, and I forgot to post my SkyWatch post! I have photos for it, too. Well, have a good Friday!


  1. You have a lot of pots of herbs. They all look really good too. I wish you knew what kind of rudbeckia that tall one is, it is really nice and has some good buds on it. I like the tall ones.

  2. Tina, I think the tag may be outside. I'll check in the morning.

  3. I just love the snail vine and viola combination! I am going to copy that next year. Do the snail vines do okay growing in a container? I have never grown them before.


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