Monday, June 29, 2009

Bargain Plants/A Garden in the Car

I have been noticing some holes in my beds, partly due to the foliage of bulbs finally dying back. I made a list of where they were, and went to see if the annuals were on sale at one of the locally owned nurseries I like to go to. The 4 packs were buy one get one free, but the large individual pots aren't on sale yet. I got a few plants, then, I decided to stop at the hardware store near us on the way home. I picked out a shrub, the Magnus Coneflower in the first photo, and an individual annual. When I went in to pay, the woman said the plants had just gone from 50% to 75% off, so I went out and grabbed some more.

These are the plants from Finke's Garden Center. I usually don't ask for help, but had read that you can put vines on your butterfly shelter brush piles, so I asked her for ideas. I said I'd thought about transplanting some of my morning glories, but wasn't thrilled about having unwanted seedlings to pull out next year. We looked around, and she said she would just give me one of their morning glories, because they weren't going to last much longer in the greenhouse. I took one because it was a different color, and I liked it. (I put butterfly shelter in bold, with a link to where I said it was for butterflies, because a neighbor thought it was for snakes.)

Here is my haul from Westlake Hardware. My choice of the shrub, Chardonnay Pearls Deutzia, was influenced by seeing some deutzias blooming on people's blogs. I am excited for next spring to see the blooms.

Have you finished planting for the season? Kathy, from Cold Climate Gardening recently posted that she is finished planting annuals, and I hope to be finished with annuals and perennials tomorrow.


  1. I love the garden in the car. Haven't we all been there. I am so finished planting annuals here. Can't wait to see where these will go in your beautiful gardens.

  2. Wow! What a lucky score!


  3. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you. But you have some great looking flowers there.
    Prayers, Bo

  4. WOW great haul. 75% off, wish I lived closer!!! I just finished planting all the plants I purchased this season, this evening. This is the time for sales though so as I find them, I'm sure more plants will make their way home with me. :)

  5. What a great load of plants! My kind of fun!!! I am not done yet. I have more to get and plant I am just waiting to decide what is next...(-: I love great deals!!!!!

  6. How fun! I'm never done planting :) I'm trying to get the last of the annuals in, but perennials find their way here all the time.
    You'll love that Deutzia, it's a beautiful one!

  7. Finished planting???? Oh Sue, you're so funny. God forbid that I should ever be finished. I don't grow many annuals but waiting in the wings are several perennials and a few rose bushes and a few vines and a few.... well you get the idea. Regardless of the never-finished aura surrounding my garden I'm content.

    You got quite a bevy of bargains. Nothing like a plant sale to brighten the day.

  8. Your van looks like mine sometimes... as I am still planting too... or rather trying to with a bum shoulder... love the selection you have and enjoyed your lemon balm tea post too.

  9. What a wonderful haul of mark down plants. I'd say you definitely picked the right day to go plant shopping.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  10. What a bargain! I plant all my flowers to where it's crowded and there's no room for anymore, it keeps my pockets less empty. :)
    Have a wonderful planting day!

  11. Wow, you did good! I love it when I happen on a great sale like that. I love to try new things and can afford to at those sale prices.

    I haven't finished planting. I've never been this late but this year I started way too many seeds.


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