Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Wow, nice harvest! I'm not a vegetable grower, what are those white carrot-like root veggies? They look interesting.

  2. Good heavens Susan ! You have one heck of a vegetable crop going there girl ... are those parsnips with the carrots .. I'm thinking vegetable STEW !! LOL

  3. Lookin' good in your kitchen about now, huh?

  4. Now how on earth did you get that lady bug to pose so nicely for the picture? Cute.

  5. Wow what a nice harvest! Looking at the parsnips and carrots makes me long for a nice dish of roasted root vegetables. Do you leave some of your parsnips in the ground until after the frost? I heard they taste sweeter that way, but I just dig them all up at once. Get kinda sick of the garden by October LOL!

  6. So tasty!
    I have deer eating in my garden....
    I was hoping for at least a tomato!
    Peas are over....
    I will enjoy looking at your veggies.

  7. Happy Gardening Sue! It all looks wonderful and I see the Lady Bug doing her job...gail


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