Thursday, July 2, 2009

Downtown Farmer's Market for SkyWatch

I can't remember who is having a Farmer's Market meme, so please let me know if you know who it is. I decided to combine it with my SkyWatch post. (Click here to see more skies from all over the world, or find out the rules for posting yours.

This is facing west. The market is at the end of the block. I wanted to include the flags since it's almost Independence Day.

This is my husband, Larry, and our grandson, who enjoyed his first visit to the farmer's market.

The man on the right sells catfish and trout that he raises.

Next is the place where there are long lines when they bring their corn, which should be soon.

The woman on the right is the market director, the one who blows a whistle at 8:00 a.m. when the sellers can start taking money.

This is a much larger market than the Thursday one I posted on. These vendors are to the west of the previous ones.

Going back east, facing south, you can see the block long row of vendors, some in the street, others on the sidewalk. There is another row of vendors next to the ones on the left.

I had to turn around to the north and take a picture of the sky.

I buy a lot from this family. They are on the south end, and we are about to go around the loop.

Heading back north, this row is on the other side of the one we just passed.

There are some vendors on the sidewalk on this side, too.

These plants are from a nearby town's garden center.

This is where the longest line usually is, as they use organic methods, and their salad mixes are popular.

We get some ostrich meat once in awhile.

There are lots of things one can buy at the market.

Turning around to the south, you can see the string trio playing under the green awning.

We just walked south to the end of the block, turned the corner to the east, and there are more vendors on each side of the street.

Continuing east:

We got to the end of the block, and are now facing north, where you can see even more vendors! Some years they don't use this space, but usually they do. There is only one row of vendors here.

Our last stop each week, to the east, is The Mill, where I've posted from before, where we get granitas or coffee to take home to enjoy on our deck with the muffins we buy at the farmer's market.

Keaton thought it was all pretty cool, and Heidi was hoping to catch crumbs.

The sky was prettier than the last time I took my camera, when they were grey in every direction. See? (This is another family I buy from frequently.)


  1. Gray skies threaten in all of these photos. Did it ever rain while you were there? Nice series.

  2. So envious of your farmer's market. Different kind of skywatch.

  3. what a great farmer's's huge. you are so lucky to have so many vendors to select products from. loved that giant water tower fountain thingie...
    have a wonderful 4th weekend.

  4. Farmers Markets are great for filling in the gaps, I love them in the fall, especially. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics.
    Happy Fourth to you!

  5. Nice series. The sky is beautiful despite the storminess.

  6. Interesting presentation, lots to see. Very different from the State Farmers' Market near Atlanta we used to go to, which had permanent vendors as well as temporary.

    There's a weekend market right downtown in Tallahassee, FL near the capitol.

    My favorite is the Farmer's Market in Thomasville, GA. There is a restaurant on site, cooking up all those fresh veggies. Well, Atlanta has one of those, too, but we don't go there any more.

  7. Nice Sky Watch Photo series of the Market..I like the photo of your grandson....have a great weekend.

  8. What a great Farmer's Market! It's a nice big one. Looks like lots of fun.


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