Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camera Critters

I remembered that today is Camera Critters Day, so went out this morning to see what wildlife I could find. This rabbit was in the front yard, and posed a bit before wandering off.

I had some trouble getting the bees on the sunflowers. Here is one in flight.

There are always a number of wasps and bees on the mountain mint. I had never seen this black kind until I got this plant.

The globe thistle was very popular today, too.

I'm not sure what this is. Do you know?

I walked across the street, and this robin played with me a bit. I would take a few steps closer, and it would take a few steps away. I kept taking photos, but they didn't turn out so well. Finally, it got tired of the game, and flew up to the fence.

I guess I didn't include the blurry photo of the white cabbage butterfly that didn't hold still enough for a decent photo.

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  1. I need those carrots and that's a real sunflower champion !!

  2. Birds are not the easiest models around. I always end up having to snap their backsides, as they are always ready to kick off and fly.

    I love robin's eye as it is gauging the distance, not letting you get too close... haha.

    Lovely shots on flowers..

    Have a nice weekend
    ~ bangchik

  3. such a cutie rabbit and the birds. great post. happy weekend.

  4. Those black flying creatures look quite scary. I can imagine someone making a film about the giant version of them. Not a film I would go and see...

  5. Happy,happy bugs !
    ...need them in the garden.
    The Robin looks content also. :)

  6. Hi Sue, that sunflower close-up...WOW! I photographed that same brown spotted bug too, the other's cool looking..whatever it is! Mountain mint is new to me and I like the globe thistle alot!

  7. What great photos!!! I love the little bunny photo. We don't get too many bunnies in our yard now thanks to the aroma of our very fast dog. I think fast dogs smell scarier than slow dogs - LOL. I'm not a fan of the wasp photo - my husband got stung by one yesterday and his leg swelled up fierce!! So we're avoiding all things waspy for a bit. GREAT photos!

  8. That sunflower is awesome!

  9. Gorgeous shot of the sunflower. That happens to me all of the time with the smaller bees, I focus and then they take off! lol The Carpenter Bees are more deliberate.

    What a great shot of the wasp on the Globe Thistle. She has a lot of beautiful colors and the sun really lights them up.

    I see those yellow/black/white insects too and would like to know what they are. I can't find anything similar in my insect book. Does Randy visit your blog? He would likely know.

  10. What a beautiful creatures and blooms. Great shots.

  11. all that in one morning!! impressive

    the sunflower is beautiful

    as is the the critter in the last shot

  12. Hi Sue~~ I was thinking the same thing as Sweet Bay. I bet Randy would know! A weird bug for sure. I don't think they're indigenous to my neck of the woods.

    The black wasp creeps me out too! We've got too many freaking wasps around here. LOL. I love the bees though. Doesn't it feel good to watch them cavorting through the plants we've laboriously tended? What a bonus.

    Your rabbit visitor is so cute. I know they eat plants but aren't they darling?

  13. Sue,

    Grace sent me here. I know it is a moth yes an Ailanthus Webworm Moth they like milkweed a lot too.

  14. Hi Sue,
    Not sure what that mystery bug is.
    It is cool!
    We have had lots of bunnies. My husband wants to make a stew. Yuck.

  15. The bunny is cute. Princess scared the bunny away that I was about to take a picture of this morning! That yellow black and white critter.. I don't know, but it's cool!

    My Camera Critter

  16. Enjoyed seeing your critters. My globe thistle is about to turn blue so I'll watch for interesting insects.

    Saw lots of tiny predator flies and wasps on the blooms last weekend. Tried to get photos but they are just too small.

  17. You did have some activity around your place over the weekend!!

  18. Randy beat me to it mom... you know you can always ask me. If I don't know what it is I always use

  19. Sue: That was a nice series of critter captures. Looks like you got a Monarch Caterpillar om the flower.

  20. I had to stop by and catch up on your blog, this is my favorite post! I will have to check out how to join. Lovely sky from your church also.


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